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Graves, 6 months off carb i feel it coming back but??Dr was not listoning to me

I went to my doctors on Thursday , and told him stright ,' I have all the symptoms ,your doing nothing about it because you just read numbers ' he looked at me and said 

'ok do you think your under treated or over treated' OMG , i calmly said' your not treating me at all , even though my blood test shows a surrpressed TSH and your just waiting for the T4 to go up before you will treat me , I let you do that to me before I am not allowing this time , I went into great detail about not been listened to , about been given not an once of understanding , He then agreed and said' yes you can get sysptoms of over active before it shows up on the blood test , its a very strange condision ' he then told me to go oback on 5 mg carb to see if it rasies my tsh and stops my t4 from going over 24 . So ladies never ever be scared to tell them when they are not listioning to you 

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I tell my doctor that he doesn't listen, but he takes his earphones off, says 'What?' and puts the blinders back on again before I can say anything !

Well done and I hope you feel better soon x


Well done. They forget that once we have an 'experience' of a dysfunction of the thyroid gland we do know perfectly well that the clinical symptoms have returned.

I'm glad you've been given carbizamole. Dr Toft says that sometimes hyper can happen several times and there's no reason not to follow the same treatment. If you want a copy of Dr Toft's Pulse - article email 


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