Changing from T4/T3 to NDT/T3, Sinusitis & flu like symptoms, & increasing dose - help & advice please !

Hi, I switched from 75mg Levo & 10mg T3 combo to a 1grain NP Thyroid & 10mg T3 2 weeks ago  ( i.e on Friday 15/4/16). The following Wed I came home from work early with a very bad sore throat & generally feeling bad. Thought It would all sort itself out but ended up having to visit GP this Tues (26/4/16). She has diagnosed Sinusitis & given me a weeks course of antibiotics. She wants to see me next week as my blood pressure was a little low on that visit ( I am on BP meds - 5mg Rampiril). I'm hoping that this illness & the swap to ndt are not related & that it is just a case of coincidence that the 2 have happened almost at the same time. Anyway, today I am feeling no better. I would like thoughts on whether anyone else had general health issues (or illness) when they switched over to ndt & also whether I should proceed to raise my ndt today to 1 and 1/2 grains, even though 1 grain is supposed to = 75 mg levo anyway.  Basically I don't really know where to go from here (my Endo & GP are not aware at the mo that I have made the switch from Levo, as neither are sympathetic to me wanting to try it). I will just add that I am also on 20mcg Hydrocortisone daily, due to only having one (non Cortisol producing/hibernating) Adrenal gland left (other was removed along with its tumour 3 years ago - I am post Cushings Syndrome). Hope I've put in enough info! Thanks in advance.

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  • If I were you I would try one particular alternative thyroid hormone at a time and work up to a dose which made me feel better. This allows us to get used to it and besides we might be having problems with fillers/binders. I tried about 3 NDTs.

    After a few months and adjusting and not benefiting I would then try adding T3.

    1 gr of NDT - its effect can be between 75 and 100mcg, it depends on the person.

    When beginning NDT (and if you've been on levo previously you switch straight over) you increase by a small dose every two weeks till your symptoms are alleviated. Some people go as high as 5 or more but it is very individual. Some are o.k. on around 2. You should take pulse/temp and keep an eye on both whilst increasing.

  • I  had annual sinus infections  for several years on T4.I would end up sleeping upright on many pillows,as lying even semi-prone would lead to excruciating pains in the head.This went on for weeks after the initial viral infection.I always had 2 courses of antibiotics.When I added T3  to my T4,I had the worst attack ever.I sat upright for a month & spent most of the night in a chair,getting up to take paracetamol with caffeine & do a steam bath every couple of hours.I even used an ice-pack sometimes,the pain was so bad.Again,2 courses of antibios.

    At my appointment with ENT afterwards,the consultant said I did not have any sinus issues & recommended an appointment with neurology  with an obligatory CAT scan.

    I believe this latest attack happened because of adding T3 & lowering T4.I also had an attack of supraventricular tachycardia which put me in hospital,resulting in all the heart tests afterwards & diagnosis of an electrical fault caused by a birth defect.

    After a gap & all the tests,I went on to slowly reduce T4 to zero & had 8 months on T3-only with a big improvement in sinus & heart symptoms(tachycardia & ectopic beats)

    At present I am on 10mcgs T3 at 6am & 2 grains of NDT at midnight.I am also taking LDN.Rather than have a CAT scan of my head,I have gone gluten free & am reducing dairy right down(dairy has always produced sinus symptoms if I eat too much)I believe I need to be dairy free.

    I now believe my sinus episodes are an inflammatory condition causing pressure on my brain ,hence going GF,reducing dairy with the aim of eliminating it & taking  LDN.

    I believe my body was starved of T3 when I started it,due to conversion issues,hence my extreme reactions.

    I am still working my way to finding the right doses & medication for me.

  • Thank you shaws.  & you too Naomi8 , & good luck with finding your optimum treatment x

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