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RAI or not? Please need to decide today

I've been thinking about this for a week and today is my deadline, I'm going crazy!

Lobectomy October 2015: two tumors in thyroid,biggest was 6,5 cm! One outside thyroid in what appears to be a lymph node but it's actually not. I know weird, it took them a year to decide whether it's a lymph node or not. 

The two small tumors were benign. The large one was of uncertain malignant potential. TT done on the 6th of April.The left thyroid lobe was free of malignancies. 

No scan has been done,Tg hasn't been tested. They want to do all this after RAI

Now they want to do RAI next monday with dose of 50 mCi or 1850 MBq. I am scared of the side effects on radioactive iodine treatment. Especially since I don't even know for sure if I have cancer or not, I probably do because the tumor was huge!

But at the same time, what if I make my cancer even worse by not doing the treatment? I would like to wait a month, do you think a month does make a difference in terms of cell growth?

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I had high dose 100mCi 3700MBq RAI 12 weeks after thyroidectomy.  I didn't have any side effects at the time.  5 months later I had a smaller dose for a whole body scan.  I have subsequently noticed mouth dryness, mostly at night, and occasionally have some taste disruption which lasts a few weeks.  I suspect now they may be due to RAI but I had an aggressive follicular type cancer and don't regret the decision to ablate any remaining thyroid cells.

Waiting a month is unlikely to make any difference as thyroid cancers are generally very slow growing.


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