Sinus problem 24/7

I have this very annoying problem reocirring randomly in my life which is the most annoying part. There's no warning. I have the discisting feeling in the back of my nose at the top of my throat which feels like a constant dripping of mucus. I have not and can not see a doctor because the same excuse people use for me is "oh its just alergies." It isn't allergies. I don't have allergies ever this isnt that. Must snort like 40 times a minute, contrasting to the people I found that do it 40 times an hour online. Please help me I can't take this anymore I'll do anything to get rid of it it is the worst part of my life right now I'm serious. I'm so miserable and I can't sleep. I'm usually healthy other than pigging out on junk food now and then and I'm an athlete.

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  • Suppose you have tried washing out your sinuses?   Sounds disgusting but works great....   I  found this method is the best one.....


  • Tried but hasn't worked

  • Well its known as post nasal drip and there are several methods suggested for clearing it....  Have you googled post nasal drip?     

  • Have you tried a Candida diet? My partner regularly suffered sinus infections and other problems. He went on a Candida diet and he has had no problems since before Christmas.

    And, you can aquire an allergy or intolerance at any point in your life, even things that have never given any problem.

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