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Lymph nodes???

I am a bit worried that my lymph nodes are swollen on one side of my neck! Started with just the one by my ear around 6 months ago and within the last 2 months it's gotten bigger along with all the other ones under my chin swelling up! No pain and no infection in my throat, no illness or cold. Had TSH done and came back as 2.8 and then bad TPO done and it came back normal so now naturally I'm worried that it's something more sinister like lymphoma! Anyone had these with slightly higher range TSH ? 

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I also have swollen lymph nodes under my jaw which won't go down (although dont seem to be getting any bigger). I have an ultrasound booked for Tuesday but like you I am obviously worried in case it is something serious. I don't have infection/pain etc. either. I will post an update once I have results from scan, although apparently that could take up to 14 days :-( Have you asked your GP about it?


Thank you for the reply! Are the on one side of your neck or both? Mine are all on one side (right side), originally thought it must be thyroid related as I have a few of the symptoms (cold intolerance, brittle nails, heavy periods, slow thinking and movements, clumsy and off balance etc) but now my tests have come back normal I'm obviously worrying that it's nothing to do with thyroid and that the lymph nodes are the bit that's swollen not my thyroid as well (I did wonder if I had a bit of a goitre or nodule) and with no infection im worried now! That would be great would be great to hear what happens with you and hopefully it's all good news ! I have an appointment on Tuesday with the doctor so hopefully can organise a scan, my voice is hoarse, I have to keep clearing it but it doesn't work and a weird ache at the back of my neck too ! Whatever it is I don't like it 🙁


Mine are more swollen on the right side too. As I'm sure you know from reading stuff on here, 'normal' results don't mean you don't have hypothyroidism! You have all the symptoms by the sounds of it, but I'm relatively new to all this myself so I'm someone else will be able to advise you better. I would definitely go and nag your GP though as clearly something needs to be done..did you have any other tests? Certain vitamin deficiencies can cause symptoms similiar to hypothyroid.


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