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Good morning, I have had symptoms of feeling really tired, cold all the time, weight gain, hands sometimes going a blue colour, brittle nails and dry skin for the last few months. I went to my new GP in my area as recently moved and they gave me different blood tests. My t4 came back 12.4 and my tsh level came back 9.44 and after trying to get an appointment they said come back in 3 months so again I had another test and it came back tsh 5.59 and t4 now 12.3 my symptoms are actually getting worse not any better. I also feel quite low emotionally all the time. I only know these results as I’ve looked online at them. No one is helping me. I recently got married and we were planning to have a family however I am worried because I’ve read an under active thyroid can cause miscarriages. They have now given me another blood test for antibodies which I’ve been waiting over a week for the results although the hospital said can take 2 weeks. I just want to be correctly diagnosed and feel better. Thank you

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Were both those TSH tests done at the same time of day, and fasting?

No fasting and both were done in the morning.

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greygoose in reply to kat1e

Yes, but what time in the morning? The actual time is very important because TSH is highest early in the morning, and drops throughout the day. It also drops after eating. So, all tests need to be done under the same circumstances - same time - or you can't compare them. :)

As soon as you get the antibodies results you can discuss a trial of Levothyroxine with your doctor. Also get vitamins B12,Folate, ferritin Vitamin D checked as all can be low wih thyroid conditions. You need them to be optimal for thyroid hormone to function properly. When you have results post here for good suggestions.

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kat1e in reply to Nanaedake

I am already on vitamin D medication and having regular B12 injections. However this has not made a difference in 3 months. My folate levels were also low but nothing given for that.

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to kat1e

Can you post your folate results

Did you have ferritin tested too?

How much vitamin D are you taking and how low when first prescribed

Vitamin D level 16 nmol/L folate 2.5 ug/l B12 174ng/l

They originally checked me for anaemia but they said that was normal and no further action

Well, you are symptomatic and your TSH is outside of top of the range.

Tell your doctor you're trying for a baby so your TSH needs to go down, that MAY make them reconsider your status.

Other than that, and I'm not trying to be cynical, I'm afraid they will be happy to keep you hypo rather than medicate you.

MedicationFultium-D3 3,200unit capsules. For 3 months

The dr is aware that we are trying for a baby this was told to them just before they sent me for the blood tests. Now they don’t even want to give me my results or discuss. So I am having to go online and check they are back and what they read.

On the results page they just say borderline talk to gp but trying to get to talk to one properly is proving difficult 😐

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trelemorele in reply to kat1e

Well then, you may consider changing your surgery in hope to find better doctor who will treat you.

Your doctor seems to be either a moron, not knowing how to treat ill patients, or more concerned about money and running his surgery as a business or both.

I think they are a bit of both to be honest. I have made a complaint to the NHS and waiting a response now

Both tests were done at around 11.30 as my surgery only do bloods till 12 then you have to go to the hospital and have them done. 🙂

We already put off trying until I was feeling well again and given the proper treatment. However my gp surgery do not seem to be doing anything about it. I was diagnosed with endometriosis 5 years ago and had surgery to remove it and have been put on life time medication. So far I am okay and had no more serious issues since surgery. Although I have regular appointments at the hospital.

I’ve had my antibodie bloods back and now been diagnosed with Hashimoto and been given Levothyroxine sodium 50microgram, starting tomorrow. Fingers crossed it works 😀

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