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Everyone this is my first post

Hi I'm 27 year old guy and I've been having some weird heart thing going on. It's mostly when I lay down its like I can feel my heart have one hard pound and then nothing it does it like all the time when laying down. O yea also I can see my stomach like have a heartbeat also, like I can see it go up and down when I'm lying on my back and feel it when lying on my stomach. One last thing when I stand up from and lying position my heart starts beating really fast

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Have you had a 24 hour heart monitor? I think you would probably be best seeing if you can get this checked out by your doctor.

As regards the very fast heart beat when you stand up, that could be because your blood pressure is dropping when you stand. Of course, I could be wrong so please do consider getting checked out. If you are reporting any sort of arrhythmia, they should take it seriously and investigate, with maybe the exception of a mild sinus arrhythmia, with no other symptoms, that many people have.

It may be nothing, it may be related to too little or too much thyroid hormone, or may be low iron or poorly functioning adrenals or many other possibilities. Get checked out to be sure.

Sorry I couldn't give a definite answer.

Carolyn x


Like CarolynB I can't give a definitive answer but one of the worst symptoms of my Graves Disease was feeling my heartbeat in my stomach. I reached the stage where it pounded away down there all the time. In fact I wasn't even aware of it beating in my chest - if I wanted to know my pulse I just put my hand on my stomach. I couldn't rest my arm on my stomach in bed because I could feel my pulse pounding away and I hated it if my husband put his arm over me, the pounding heartbeat in my stomach used to waken me up in the night.

I also used to get irregular bumps - I thought it was missing beats but I read somewhere it was likely to be putting in an extra beat. Since I was diagnosed and treated that has all stopped.

I have noticed that my pulse can go from slow and steady when resting to fast when I climb stairs then back down again when I stop what I have been doing.

You should definitely get checked out - when I think back I'm amazed that I'm still alive. It was almost like I was thinking 'if I ignore this I'm not having a heart attack' - like tempting fate - especially as my father died from a heart attack at 50 and I was 62 - when all this was happening. I know now I was very silly not doing anything sooner.

So make an appointment as soon as you can to speak to someone about it. It might (and hopefully will ) be nothing but don't do what I did I was a very silly wimp!


First of all what body type are you? If ur of slight build you will indeed see ur heart beat in ur diaphragm. How often do you eat?

It is normal variance to have a 'loud' heartbeat then wait for a normal one. It becomes abnormal if the abnormal beat happens continually at several times through out the day.

Like bump.... Bump bump..... Bump ... Bump bump and variations of that, for long periods of time all day every day.

Also are you on any antihistamines?

Do you have any other symptoms?

It is also normal from time to time get slight syncope from standing up quickly. The prepriocepters in ur arteries need time to adjust usually 30 secs or so. Also this will depend on ur food intake, hydration, sleep patterns and of course any abnormal hormone levels! Thyroid, adrenal, etc etc.

I would say get an ECG to rule out anything missed as a kid and if the ECG shows nothing insist on a 24hr monitor at random intervals because our bodies fluctuate and often nothing is seen the first time round. (Cardio nurse) Do u get migraines??

Does anyone in ur family suffer from any congenital abnormalities of the heart? Like a small hole or mitral valve problems? What's ur diet? How much alcohol, do u take supplements, how much coffee do u drink? Etc etc!

Sorry for the bombardment of info and questions!!

Jen xx


I have continuous ectopic beats - often three together - all day, every day, but the cardiologist said it wasn't anything to worry about. Still best to get it checked out. Ask GP for a referral to cardiology.

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Sounds like bigeminy or trigeminy all of which are harmless UNLESS it is a continual thing as this can cause the muscle in the heart to enlarge as it's like a work out if you will of the muscle.

Cardiologists will often give medication to correct the electrical imbalance if they see a pattern which is increasing to prevent myopathy of the heart.


Thank you everyone for the replies...ok so about a month ago is when it all started was diagnose with heart palpitations and than got a really bad intestinal infection was puton antibiotics for a couple of weeks now it's just the heart problem


Is this right: you've been to the doctor who diagnosed heart palpitations and did nothing else?

Palpitations shouldn't be ignored - they can be serious. But then again, they can just be the way your body works. In which case they're scary (until you get used to them) but not dangerous

The 24 hour heart monitor, as Carolyn and Jenny have suggested, would be a sensible next step.

However, palpitations can also be a symptom of hyper- and (less often) hypo-thyrodism. Do you find you have energy for everything, and can eat and drink whatever you want without putting weight on? Certainly when you return to the doctor you should ask him/her to do tests to rule thyroidism out. Ask for T4, TSH and T3 to be tested. You may find this link useful:


No he referred me over to a cardiologist and I told him that I was drinking nothing but energy drinks and soda hardly any water that probably what was causing the problem...but that was like month ago and it is still doing but not as bad as it was


The energy drinks and soda was all you fancied with the intestinal problems, I presume? You're drinking water now? (although fluoride doesn't help with thyroid problems ...). It sounds as if you've already seen the cardiologist. So the doc did take the palpitations seriously: good. But one/both of them expected the palpitations to stop when you stopped drinking stuff with so much caffeine in it. Logical. But it hasn't - so back to the doctor you should go. If you can bear it, you might give it another week or fortnight, just to be sure it's not the lingering effects of the fizzy. But a month seems like long enough!

It is odd that a health problem should have been thrown up so quickly by another health problem apparently so unrelated - but it happens all the time. After all the human body is an amazingly complicated engine of inter-connected moving parts. Sadly the NHS does not recognise this.


My GP said that we can become sensitised to quite common and harmless arhythmias and once sensitised it is hard not to notice when we get runs of additional heartbeats (ectopic). I had a week long monitor recently because of this and it turns out that I'm getting extra beats which feel scary but I'm now getting used to this and have ceased to worry. Worth getting it checked out ASAP to be in the safe side though.


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