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Reactive Hypoglycemia (Who would have known)

Hello my friends,

I have been seeing a very good Functional doctor these past few weeks, after firing my last one, and he ran some tests that no other doctor even mentioned to me.  He found out that I have very low serotonin, my lithium levels were undetectable, my liver was functioning at 50%, along with a few other minor issues.  The biggest thing he found was that I have a condition called Reactive Hypoglycemia, which, believe it or not has very similar symptoms to thyroid issues.  And RH can effect the thyroid, adrenal, etc...

No other doctor ever ran any tests to check for this.

The symptoms of a reactive hypoglycemic episode may include:

heart palpitations or fibrillation 








shaking and tremors


craving sweets

increased appetite

nausea, vomiting

panic attack

numbness/coldness in the extremities

Take a look at the links, it is some eye opening stuff.

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Great news you may have found your answers. So lots of small healthy meals to keep blood sugar levels stable then with antioxidants and Vit C.

Many people with endocrine issues are low in serotonin which can affect sleep, appetite, temperature and pain tolerance .... hence the low moods associated with low thyroid hormone. 

You will obviously be following your new doctors advice but I have raised my serotonin levels by supplementing 5-HTP which works in the brain and central nervous system and increases production. 

Good luck on your wellness journey.

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I hope I have found the answer, after so many months of guesswork by doctors.  I had my thyroid levels checked and they are all good, so my new doc went the extra mile and thinks this might be my issue.  I have been checking my BG levels and I do get spikes after meals, and then feel like #$@#, so I am under the impression he might be right.  I also looked at all of the associated symptoms and a bell rang in my head, as so many of them defined my state of being.

I am actually thinking that 2 panic attacks, or whatever they were, back in July 2015, we really hypoglycemic crashes, as the definition is spot on.

Thanks for responding and I wish us both the best of luck with our conditions.


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Interesting links, thanks DanteNXS 


It's great to hear that you found a good doctor! Please could you advise who is this doctor and where does he/she practice? Thanks very much! :-)


I live in the US, but the key thing is to find a Functional doctor with years of experience. Have them run a  5 hour glucose/insulin tolerance test, making sure you fast a minimum of 8 hours prior to.

The links I posted go into further detail.

Good luck and keep me posted.

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Thank you so much!! :-) Wish you all the best! 


FYI- make sure to have all your vitamin/mineral levels tested, along with iodine, lithium, and serotonin. Kidney and liver function testing is key too. It can be costly, but your health is worth it.

A full hormone panel is a major plus too.

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