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Vitamin D prescription


I wanted to ask, I went to the doctors as I have been feeling extremely tired and sleeping so much during the day and not being able to get out of bed a great deal of the time so I went to the doctors and they said since my thyroid levels were "normal" when last tested six months ago (I am being tested again next Friday) and that my Vitamin D levels were low (53 with the lower range starting at 80) when last tested a few months ago that they would give me Hux D3 20,000unit capsules to take to boost my Vitamin D levels and then to take to start a vitamin D supplement after (5 to be taken once a day over two days which I have just finished) but now I am worried that I have too much vitamin D in my blood. Am I worrying over nothing?

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No, you're fine. The Vitamin D Council say that doses of 10,000iu a day are safe and 5000iu a day is definitely safe - so you're taking the equivalent of 4 days' worth in one go, which is not a problem at all - Vit D builds up over time (bit like topping up a suntan, LOL). You're quite deficient there, so your body will definitely appreciate the increase.



Thank you so much Jazzw :)


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