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Hashimotos ?

If someone had both types of thyroid antibodies does it mean they definitely have Hashimotos also would they feel more unwell than someone who has only one type ... I have one type as does my husband (TPO) but our son who's 20 has both he I have also been taking his temperature when he's asleep and it is always around 35.4 sometime slightly higher others less .   He is seeing an endo on 11th may so don't know what to expect ... We have been treating him with B12 as recommended by you guys with great improvement in his MH but he is still very anxious and having chest pains is this all connected ?

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Positive thyroid peroxidase antibodies &/or positive thyroglobulin antibodies confirms autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's).  I don't know whether being positive for both makes symptoms worse or not.

My doctors insisted my symptoms were non-thyroidal as although antibodies were positive thyroid levels were euthyroid.  I believe there is insufficient research into the impact of Hashimoto's on euthyroid patients.

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