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Thyroid cancer, thyroxine and implant

I'm wondering if anyone can help me. I was diagnosed with medullary thyroid cancer in January after having my first operation in December. I then had a completion of a total thyroidectomy in February. Throughout this I've had the nexplanon implant this is my second one and I've never had a period on either of them but over the last two and a half weeks I've had two with only a few days apart. Has this happened to anyone else with cancer or on thyroxine? Or can anyone direct me in the right place. 

I will be speaking to a doctor tomorrow and my consultant next week too. 

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Absence of periods and irregular periods can be a side effect of the Nexplanon implant.  It's unlikely to be related to the medullary thyroid cancer, thyroidectomy or Levothyroxine.

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