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Definitely overthinking this! But I'm puzzled! 

I recently read there's iodine in t4. I take t4 and probably have no functioning thyroid. I took pregnacare through pregnancy which has added iodine in, which is important for baby. 

However, is it necessary if on t4? Could it be too much? Or not an issue at those doses?! 

An obs I saw at the time said with hypothyroidism and pregnancy the key things are vit d, iodine and getting the tsh well controlled esp in first trimester, so I don't worry too much... Just puzzling! 

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If you're not deficient in iodine, then no supplementary iodine is necessary. You could very well over-dose.

Are you still taking the pregnecare? How much iodine is in it? How much Levo are you taking? Have you ever been tested for iodine? Without the détails, it's difficult to give much of a reply.    


This is a previous post which might be helpful:

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Not sure that there's enough iodine in Pregnacare to worry about - here's a link so others can have a think:

There wouldn't appear to be enough of anything in there - just covers off the bases.

I don't think I'd worry, personally.

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Don't know which one she's taking, but l looked at the Pregnacare Original Formula. What a con! Folic acid instead of folat, cyanocobalamin in stead of methylcobalamin, and magnesium oxide! And not enough of anything, anyway. Doubt anybody would get much out of that! I really do think multi vits are a rip off. And when people say they're taking a good one, it usually means there paying an exorbitant amount for it, but the ingredients are still rubbish.

However, the iodine does seem like quite a lot to me. If you add it to the amount you get from food, plus what you get from levo, could add up to quite a bit.

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