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Seen some chats and research on LDN and it seems like the complete drug for me.

Hypo Hashi ; SLE lupus and breast cancer survivor twice.

I take T3 only and stopped the tamoxifen, levo and hydrocroxy... not wanting to just throw a load of pills down my neck, with there own side effects. I supplement with vits and need to try much harder with diet.


feel i have wasted hours with doctors, consultants and tests. today at endo i was crossed armed, mouth open and eyebrows raised, couldn't agree with one word she said, finding this a lot with everyone.

I am fatigued, i not only work full time but also employ staff to run busy country pub with lovely grub. personal stuff has/is been stressful, feel confident but alone. am not ok but no worse health wise. I want to want a life too.

Do I need LDN too make me well enough to get better myself. I read a lot here and google but don't have the energy/strength or brain to take it all in and action it in at the hospital.

Does anyone have LDN prescribed to them through oncology or rhumatology. Endocrology useless. Now I feel my only way forward is to manage my own meds. I have sourced them, think i can afford them, probably private testing too.

Why shouldn't I try LDN? and self medicate my T3. others do don't they?

Thank you

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Weg1, LDN would definitely be an excellent choice for you I'm  sure! 

I self medicate my T3 with my GP's knowledge and accept. 

My LDN was prescribed to me from a pain Doctor but I know of many who had it prescribed from rheumatologist. 

I follow several LDN Fb groups where I have got a lot of help, info and support. 

If you could print the 'LDN Information Pack' from and give it to your doc it will be a wise step. 

Your GP can also prescribe LDN if you can persuade him. 

Best of luck!

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