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Still feel rubbish 😔

Hi all I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid in Dec last year started off low dose now up to 125mg a day my last result was only a few marks off the target however I feel worse than ever I'm am so tired getting migraines have bad mood swings sometimes hot flushes, I do have endometriosis too and have only had one period in 9 months so don't no if that's anything to do with it or not but feel so rubbish. My results have always improved with each blood test and I was so close on the last one it was something like 0.2 off required one I really thought this new dose would be it

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You say you are going to have a hysterectomy so before you do I'll give you a link. Maybe you've been an undiagnosed hypothyroid person. Read the first question/answer.

You were only diagnosed in December and it does take quite sometime to work up to a dose which makes you feel well with relief of symptoms.



Can you post your recent results and ranges?


What is 'the target', Kelzmatt?


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