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Hello everyone.

Can anyone PM me with info on how to get LDN in the UK?

I saw that there is somewhere in Glasgow that prescribes it privately, do you actually have to visit them in person to get a prescription?

I also see that you can make your own LDN from 50mg naltrexone tabs but buying naltrexone for ever would become quite a drain at the price I can get hold of it.

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Hi it is the <source deleted by admin re guideline #23>

The doctor will do a phone consultation and you will send your medical information showing you may benifit its use eg. auto immune problems etc.....

They charge for the prescription giving enough for around 3 months then you pay there pharmacy they use for LDN and they send to your address.


Thankyou for the reply Amber12345.

What form of medical info would I need to send, Would a blue horizon results paper with antibodies on be enough or would I have to get something more from my own GP?

Also could you tell me roughly the costs of everything I would need to pay before I actually got some LDN?

And what happens when you need your next lot, do you have to go through all the same process again?

Sorry if thats a lot of questions but it seems a little complicated and I'm just trying to weigh up if it would be just easier and cheaper to buy naltrexone and make my own LDN....



£30 for a prescription lasting 3 bottles a month each and each pharmacy and bottle of LDN around £18.

Not sure if blue horizon letter will work but I used an old hospital visit letter or can get anprint out from doctor reception showing something condition on without having appointment.

Good luck


When the prescription runs out you pay the £30 for another 3 bottles and always pay £18 per bottle. Bottle roughly a month for 3 ml a day


please, could you email me where to get LDN from in the Uk?




Thanks again.

Just so I'm clear lol.

£30 for a prescription and then £54 for 3 months worth of LDN which is 3 bottles?

Then when I run out I contact them again and repeat the above?

That is actually fairly expensive when 10x50mg pills of naltrexone is around £20 delivered which would last around 10 weeks once converted weekly into LDN


I dissolve 50m of LDN into 50ml/cc of water, so 1mg equals 1ml/cc. Easy to administer and change doses. Very cheap in that way and works just as well. 


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