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EVB, HCMC and HHV-6 tests and treatments


Has anyone out there being tested for Epstein Barr Virus (EBV), Human Cytomegalo Virus (HCMC) and Human Herpes Virus (HHV-6)? If so, how are these tests have being done?  

As a result has anyone been treated with VALACYCLOVIR and/or in combination with VALGANCICLOVIR particularly in UK? Can you please kindly give me some information on these. 

Thanking you all very much for your efforts and time.

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ABC100,  I'm sorry you've had no replies.  There are discussions on the topics you've raised in the links below:


Thank you very much Clutter for guiding me towards some very usefull information site. With this now I am thinking some logistic steps to take that hopefully will help me. Like;

I will concentrate on GI problems/tests if I can find a doctor to help with this.

I will try to address fermenting gut issues.

I will learn about yeast infection in my body.

Find about hidden viruses, bacterias, parasites, organism etc.(HOW!!!!!!)

I will learn about Detoxing.

Check out vitamin/mineral deficiencies. B12 first then Magnesium and others..(much needed)

And also now I am little bit confused about Fish oils versus PEO (after listening Prof. Brian Peskin) but keep taking my Perilla Oil capsules.

I think these are huge undertakings for me. I have to start from somewhere....

Thanking you so much again. I am so gratefull that these communities exist. In my heart I have a long list of places/people I send my gratitude to which ends up with indeed internet.

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im on them. This is the second time now


Hi sheri44,

Are you replying to me? What do you mean?


Hi ABC100 , I'm in the UK and currently taking Acyclovir for chronic immune activation against chicken pox/shingles virus, which I had a very long time ago. I would have been prescribed Valacyclovir, had an EBV test come back positive - thank goodness that one was negative.

I've had some ups and downs on the Acyclovir, so I'd really appreciate being able to compare notes with you.


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