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hello I'm wondering if my mental health issues are based around being under medicated I have terrible intrusive thoughts and images which too some extent were under control until recently. Ive started losing lots of hair daily and my husband asked if I was ok lately as I'm easily confused and just a bit blank dont know how else too explain it and I'm starting too feel quite fatigued again, needed a day nap yesterday I'm not a day sleeper plus ive been sleeping ten plus hours a night.

problem is I saw an endo last year who reduced my meds too 50mcg too prove I wasn't hypo ! I was and now I'm on 75mcg rather than the 100mcg I used too be on but my tsh was 2.1 last time so doc refused increase as within range. I have however looked over letter from endo too doc last year and it states within it that I should have been returned too 100mcg. I have telephone consultation with doc Friday any advice how I get the increase I feel I need many thanks net x

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  • More than likely !!! ... My mental state awful if not correct level ... Been through hell with doctors this week ... Worried my heart etc affected but ecgs  all normal 

  • Gone on gluten free diet too 

  • Yes it will be and that's also why your hair is falling out.

    More importantly in your consultation ask the GP to explain why they are not following the specialist's advice. Make it clear politely but firmly they are not an endo but a general practitioner and your dose should be what the specialist recommended. Point out if there are any complications from not following the specialist's advice s/he wouldn't want to be implicated in it especially as you now feel terrible.You may have to repeat yourself like a broken record.  (If possible record the conversation. )

  • Do they think yr nuts like mine do ??? I had radio iodine ... !!! 

  • Nettieboo, poor lamb, intrusive thoughts sound possible ocd, ocd sometimes is B 12 deficiency, what is your b12 level?

  • Nettieboo,

    Most people on Levothyroxine need TSH 1.0 or lower with FT4 in the upper quadrant of range to feel well.  Increasing doseto 100mcg may help symptoms and results will still be within 'normal' range.  Read Treatment Options in

  • I agree with Aspmama, I have had OCD since I was a young child (many years). I was B12 deficient and didn't know until last September (along with several other things I have learned from this forum). When my anxiety levels have been sky high my intrusive thoughts dominated my life. Since supplementing and getting my levels near top of range- my OCD as been minimal and the thoughts mainly gone. Also hardly any brain fog these days. I have had counselling in the past with a lovely Cognitive therapist self referred and on the NHS. This helped me through some very difficult times. I truly believe the B12 was the main cause. Best Wishes x

  • Hello all many thanks for replies my b12 was deficient but is now quite high so I don't think it's that I've increased my levo and I'm feeling a bit better I'm considering seeing a nutritionist too see what I do need too take x

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