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Temperature guidelines

My Father is having some symptoms that I think are thyroid related.  He is under the doctor anyway for unrelated matters but I suggested about the thyroid and that he should take his temperature for a week first thing in the morning.  That if it is low consistently, then he should raise this with his GP about getting a blood test; he is putting weight on no matter what he tries and his legs are giving him problems.

So he finally took notice and took his temperature this morning.  He tells me the reading is 35.7 but that the paperwork with the thermometer says that "normal" is anything between 35.7 to 37.3!  Where do I go with this one?  He's not convinced, questions everything.

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Most of us who are trying to adjust or track our thyroid dosage etc., take our temps in the mid-afternoon.  This is when temps are usually at their highest.  If temp is consistently low then, it is usually thyroid related.

Does your dad have heart problems?  What kind of situation with his legs?  Edema?  Fluid can build up either in chest cavities or the lungs if the heart action isn't optimal and this can add a few pounds that aren't going anywhere. 


This is how I test whether I'm on the right dose but why are the thermometer company confusing people by saying anything over 35.7 is normal.


The subject of measuring human body temperature isn't quite as simple as we might wish.


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