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Avoiding wheat is not pointless afterall

Article in Daily Mail today by Professor David Sanders "Is this proof that avoiding wheat is not pointless after all" Taken over 15 years to prove his point and battle with The Lancet Mafia who would have us all believe that going gluten free is just a fad. The research and statistics make interesting reading.

Sorry I don't know how to attach the article, maybe an admin will! Thanks

I wonder how many years we will have to wait before someone does something similar for Thyroid patients  re the TSH being the gold standard test -NOT!! Oh and a lot of the  patients in research above were middle aged females and of course talking b.......s

I have long known that I am not bonkers, just ahead of the field re understanding my body and its battles with hypo, TPO antibodies and Docs who didn't learn much in medic school. Rant over!

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This is the link to the Daily Mail article

thanks for telling us about this

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Anthea thanks for posting the link. One day I will learn, when I have the mental energy!


What I do is ... 

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The professor says:

For a seven-year period, I recorded data from all the patients I saw who said they had symptoms related to gluten, but did not have coeliac disease - the similarities were striking.

Have to wonder how many of those patients thought he was ignoring them and doing nothing? For those individuals, that may well have been the case, but for the sake of all who might benefit, definitely not so.

I have long advocated the collection of far, far more information. The consistency of descriptions here on HU is sometimes quite astounding - yet never looks like copycat reporting.


And how about this delightful statement?

It is not something all doctors recognise - as another medical friend said to me recently: 'I don't see many cases of gluten sensitivity being reported in the developing world!'

Hmm, could that be because it's assumed folk with gastrointestinal problems have drunk unclean water etc when they rock up to the health clinic ? If you're not looking for a cause because you think it's obviously something else, you won't see it what it might be...

I know I'm not wrong about wheat. I throw up when I eat it. That persuades me I'm not on a faddy diet. 😏

Oh, and non coeliac gluten sensitivity is MILD Coeliac Disease? This guy scores extra points for utter stupidness. Does he not know that some with Coeliac Diseae exhibit no signs of ill effects from consuming wheat, despite having completely flattened villi when biopsied? Still not MILD. Still making those people ill and shortening their life expectancy. And presumably he doesn't know that you can never rule out Coeliac if someone is sensitive to gluten, because it's not actually possible (or practical) to scope every part of the digestive tract.



All in the head,

then in the bowl...

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Yep. I tend to need 2 bowls. 😅

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The blame is put onto gluten to take away from the fact that the problem is genetical modification, If you go into a library and read one of the books written by scientists who work in the field they will tell you the truth about GM foods,

 none of the Gm foods were tested for safety on humans once they had been modified, also the mutations that occur in changing the food have been hidden the GM companies claim only the desired chemical in the plant has been changed yet there are more changes that are being hidden.

The bottom line is GM foods will change your DNA are 3 times higher in oestrogen and are high in mycobacteria which digest your stomach also the removal of the wheat germ and the refinement process means your body has to provide the nutrients to be able to digest even a small part of the grain in the first place, white bread is completely indigestible and is only used to fill the stomach up in order to digest the other foods accompanying it as well as the cereals having synthetic nutrients added into them which again your body needs to add that particular nutrient to be able to use it.

 The good news is you can source heirloom seeds or food grown from heirloom seeds and get the fantastic benefits of natural whole grain which is good for you.


very interesting. I have never been happy about the cavalier adoption of GM foods after reading about them quite a number of years ago.


HI All, I am new here and realise this is an old thread so this may not get picked up. The interaction between wheat bran and T4 has been discussed previously, in short you should try to avoid having them in your stomach at the same time.

The relevant part is ..."In vitro experiments carried out to determine the mechanism of interaction between dietary fiber and T4 revealed dose dependent, nonspecific adsorption of levothyroxine by wheat bran. These results indicate a decrease in T4 bioavailability by dietary fiber through a mechanism involving nonspecific adsorption of T4 to dietary fibres"


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