Hyperthyroidism and Asthma

Last night, I seem to have a fairly severe asthma attack which has progressed into this morning. My asthma means I cough a lot and have a constant tickle ion my throat. I have taken salbutamol three times already, and although it is easing, I do not feel like it has entirely gone away. Is there an actual connection between asthma and hyperthyroidism that anyone with asthma has experienced? They say that before you take your inhaler you must let your doctor know that you have an overactive thyroid. Any help support is as always, gratefully welcome.

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  • Tazismad,

    Shortness of breath is a hyperthyroid symptom and may be exacerbating your asthma.


    Links discussing hyperthyroidism + asthma:


  • Thank you Clutter, I was not sure if the pollen count was up, whether it was the Saharan sand in the air, or the thyroid giving me what for.

  • Tazismad,

    This is the time for pollen count to rise and the Saharan sand is undoubtedly a further irritant which will clear soon.

  • I feel for you, my allergies have been getting worse and have recently succumbed to using Ventolin inhaler, I know I now have asthma which is a concern, like you I am constantly coughing and recently more so.  I have taken quercetin to lower my histamine levels but am still suffering.  This week I read that magnesium helps asthma as does coffee, but I use both so am at a loss as to finding relief.  There is no doubt that central heating aggravates the condition and I do place bowls of water around my home.  I am very unhappy at having to use an inhaler but it is unwise to cope with serious coughing fits without one.  Not sure what the answers are and like you would like to know.

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