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Dr Jess Armine - More Clinics

Dr Jess Armine from the Center for Bio-Individualised Medicine in Philadelphia is coming back to the UK in June to run clinics in Manchester and Herefordshire. He specialises in diagnosing and treating the underlying causes of chronic illness, including endocrine issues, methylation and genetic polymorphisms issues, chronic infections such as Lyme, co-infections, parasites and candida.

Dr Armine will be offering live blood cell analysis for all his clients when he comes, as part of his two hour consultation.

For clarity - Dr Armine is a licensed nurse and chiropractor and is trained in several alternative disciplines. (You can read about him here

He is an alternative practitioner and uses alternative protocols. He cannot prescribe or recommend prescription medicines. He will not be offering chiropractic in the UK.

For further information about Dr Armine's clinics, please go here:

For further information about the clinics or to book an appointment please email:

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