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Blood tests and should I take my steroids prior to the tests?

Hi, I am finally having my bloods done early tomorrow and will starve as you have all helpfully suggested as my TSH is being tested in addition to my T3 and T4. My question is should I take my prednisolone tablets as I usually do at 7am - my bloods are at 8.30am (I'll hold my other meds until afterwards) as I understand prednisolone can alter TSH. 

Thanks as always for your help, 

It is very much appreciated, 


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You don't have to starve which would probably mean no food at all for the day. :)

Just to be on the safe side I'd not take steroids until afterwards. 

Do you usually take them on an empty stomach? if so I'd take them after the test. I'd have breakfast and take thyroid hormones 2 to 2.5 hours later. If you don't need to take them on an empty stomach I'd reverse suggestion, i.e. levo after test and after 1 hour breakfast and steroid.


Do steroids not increase TSH? By starving I mean I won't eat between dinner tonight and having my bloods done tomorrow - I understand that eating lowers TSH.

Do steroids increase TSH and if so should I take them tomorrow? 




The common term used is "fasting" not "starving". 

Just want to ensure that you are taken seriously if you ever have to question a doctor.


Okay thanks for that - I now that really - I was just in a hurry when I typed the question! Thanks anyway , always good and helpful to be taken seriously!! 



I am on steroids and have to take with food so when going for blood test for Thyroid I take tem after with food and take over meds later .



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