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T3 increase and t4

Hi there ,

Please can someone tell me how long it takes to start to feel well . My Endo increased my levothyroxine to 75 mg every other day and 50 mg time about and my t3 to 25mg every day . I had the flu three weeks ago and kidney infection only cleared up last week . My iron was low again . I am so exhausted very little energy and bit dizzy need lots of sleep . I am on the increased dose a month now . My Endo says I will feel well eventually I'm just wondering how long that's going to take . I did Spring cleaning on Monday and still recovering from that . I'm only 38 but have the energy of someone who is a hundred . Please please can someone advise me with any help at all .

Many thanks 


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Angie, what are you doing about the low iron?  

If your hemoglobin (molecule in your red blood cells that carries oxygen) is low, then you will definitely feel tired and have poor tolerance for doing physical work.  The amount of oxygen your body requires isn't getting there.  

The mitochondria inside your cells, the little things that produce energy, also need iron for their membrane enzymes.  So low iron = low energy production.  


Hi gabkad ,

Thanks so much for your kind reply . I'm only realising now I stopped taking the iron when I was on the antibiotics as it took three to get rid of the kidney infection and one caused a reaction . My Endo thank goodness said that he's keeping me on iron for three months maybe that's why my brain fog is bad too I never thought as my brains so dopey at the moment lol . 

Hope you are well yourself 😀


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