Yes my claim to fame lol, my bullet proof coffee!!

This is a very good article, but could we follow it slavishly, probs not, but it does say, that even if you can't be 100%, at least you can do some, obviously the more you can follow it, the better.  This is pretty much the way I eat anyway, and yes my Kerrygold better is the bees knees in my coffee!!  Fatty meat yes yes and yes, I was right!!

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  • Hi Langdocienne often wondered if you work for Ornua . I've still not managed butter in my coffee yet but you never know . One day.

    Cheers Skeeter

  • Hi SKeeter 1956 lol just googled it, never heard of it, maybe because I'm half Southern Irish, no I have a computer repair shop, just mega interested in optimal health for us, no matter what is wrong, and it usually comes down to diet.

    Honestly give it a go, you can only say lovely or yeuck!!

  • I've put on a few pounds recently .l put it down to my memory . I forget what I've eaten . No excuses I'm the chief cook in the Skeeter household .

    Regards Skeeter

  • HI Skeeter1956, brain fog maybe, mine went, when I started taking T3, and even better, when I started with my msm, which is methylsulfonylmethane, only the organic powder, not the tablets.  

    There is no such thing as a senior moment, it's all down to diet, supplements, and some activity, mine is dancing, and fun.  Work all day, need to move, but not if u get tired, then rest, don't push it, that works against you.  My son who is an exboxer, has the most unique and biggest gym in England, so I could go work out for free, but I much prefer my dancing, laughter, and exercise at the same time, keeps me in good spirits, and flexible at my age of nearly 61, but then I still have regular periods, so that probs helps.  

    I have 7 kids, 4 still at home, and often cook for the greedy bunch, and always on holiday times, and birthdays, of which there are many, as there are 6 extra boyfriends and wives, and 2 grandchildren and 1 live in, well nearly all the time friend of one of my son's.  So I chef for them, but I just love cooking and baking.  I try new things out on them!!

    Thinking of turning my computer repair shop into a gourmet coffee shop, but doing homemade dinners, just like Mum did, and making healthy granola bars, and coconut/butter based cakes etc.

  • Good luck with the coffee shop . Put me down for a flat white .

  • Skeeter, I started adding a big teaspoon of butter to my morning coffee and stirring it in when it melted. I've actually lost quite a bit of weight since I did so and any urges to overeat have practically vanished. It doesn't taste disgusting, it is actually quite nice in my opinion. I have less brain fog and generally feel a bit more energetic than I did.

    I alternate butter with a big teaspoon of coconut oil.

  • Hi Humanbean

    Yes I've heard it taste OK . I suppose it's similar principal to double cream in coffee .

    There was a diet comparison show on TV recently and the one that started with a butter coffee each morning came out very well .

  • HI Humanbean, good for you, and yes I love my virgin coconut oil as well!!

  • My son who is seriously keen on all kinds of coffee and has tasted everything including   Indonesian Kopi Luwak coffee just can't bring himself to try bulletproof coffee, in fact, not realising that I knew what it was, he was telling me all about it and saying 'how could anyone put butter in their coffee'

  • Bulletproof with butter & the fractionated coconut oil tasted like coffee with clotted cream, to me. Odd, but not unpleasant. As I'd hoped, it also did the trick of keeping me on my feet, after a night with no sleep. :)

  • Hi Fruitandnutcase, has he tried it, but remember Kerrygold only....I can understand how someone might not like it, but if he likes butter and cream, he can only love it, if not, chuck it, or you drink it!!

  • Don't think he's tried it - think it's just the thought that gets him. he does like butter and cream so I'll tell him you said to give it a go. I'll let you know what he thinks if he plucks up the courage - how much should he  put in a regular size mug of coffee? 

  • HI fruitandnutcase, well I have a pint mug, am a bit greedy, but always thirsty, so have a tbs in it, so half of that, or really whatever he can take, just makes it creamy tasting.

  • Thank you - I'll call him and tell him to try it. He's already on Kerrygold thanks to Thyroid UK and HU :)

  • Been wondering how to have more butter now bread is reduced to very little ,but coffee,yikes!

    Why Kerrygold? grass fed? Normandy butter should be ok.

  • organic butter is best, cows fed on natural grasses with anti-biotics reduced.

  • Butter in coffee?  Sounds really icky!  We make Ghee out of kerrygold.  i am totally switching up my diet.

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