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OT vaccination again

What I like about Dr Mercola is that his articles are always based on scientific research, and he quotes his sources. But there is no doubt he has an anti-medical establishment stance.

But remember, we are all on this board because the medical establishment has let us down. Thyroid mistreatment is, sadly, not an isolated case in an otherwise unblemished history of modern medicine.

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Another interesting and quite moderate view from Jon Barron:

Also with references


Two more links on the same subject :

Measles isn't that big a deal, anyway. I don't understand why anyone thinks we need a vaccine for it. Oh, silly me! Of course! Money!!!


Oh, and WDDTY has a piece this month about the flu jab. The one that even officials admit is useless. They found several people who had life threatening reactions. Of course flu itself is also life-threatening so if the jab worked it might still be worth the risk.

Its the dishonesty that bugs me. If they said you have an x‰ chance of a serious reaction but a y% of dying if you don't have the jab I could decide for myself. Especially since herd immunity theory increasingly looks flawed.


It is flawed! But they can't tell you what you want to know because they haven't done the research. Won't catch me having one of their vaccines!


Nor me GG!

But 'I didn't see it because I looked the other way' wouldn't stand up in court, now would it? How do they get away with it? Why isn't the NHS and its NICE demanding better research, or even putting the checks in place? Its our money that is being wasted or misused.


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