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High TSH

After having found out that my TSH was 10.5 and my Free T4 was 12.1 I spoke to my Dr who said that although not really symptomatic he agreed that it looks like my Thyroid is struggling he has put me on levothyroxine, 25mg to start with and a blood test in June to see if it has had any effect. If results are still high he will increase the dose...Must say he was very understanding and took the time to explain how everything works and had no problems with getting treatment...Thank you to everyone who gave me advice. Will tackle low B12 after the next blood tests if no improvement..

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Often people can be fine with a TSH around 10 and a low fT4 that is still within the reference interval, usually fT3 increases to compensate. However, it is likely your TSH would rise further and you would develop symptoms. Also, our TSH rises as we get older but nobody really knows whether this is something that is just natural or if we would be better off taking hormone to bring the TSH back to where it was when we were young.

I suspect your doctor will need to increase your levothyroxine to at least 50 mcg but as you don't have any symptoms at the moment there is no rush. When on a higher dose you may find that you did have some minor symptoms but didn't notice them. More importantly your lowish fT4 could be one reason for your elevated cholesterol, it could be the main reason. So it is worth having a cholesterol test a month or so after your next appointment and change in levothyroxine dose (if any).


Having raised cholesterol is a Hypothyroid symptom - so having thought you do not have the usual low thyroid symptoms - that is certainly one. There is research - published last summer - showing how statins can cause heart issues by blocking the arteries. This is because statins block the pathway of the formation of VitK2 - an important vitamin that steers calcium away from the arteries and into the bones. So the plaque can be created as a result of the calcium.

Also your heart burn - mentioned in an earlier thread - could be caused by LOW acid in the stomach - another Hypo symptom.

I would not leave treating your B12 and Folate - both are required in the body for the good performance of thyroid hormones. Your result was VERY low and could cause neurological issues in the future. Low B12 is another Hypo symptom ! I would take Jarrow Methylcobalamin 5000 mcg - keep under the tongue until dissolved. Also you will need a good B Complex containing methylfolate - which is natural - rather than Folic Acid. This may well lower your Homocysteine - which in turn will lower your cholesterol.

Maybe have a good read and watch the videos - under Films - then you will understand why it is so important to have good B12 levels.

Once supplementing B12 - further testing is not of any value as stated in the Guidelines linked below.... Page 8 I think.


When I spoke to the Dr about my B12 levels he said I could take supplements but I want to wait and see until I have had my next blood tests. I am now eating foods with high B12 content. As for the cholesterol that is a family issue trait and will address this issue with the Dr after my blood tests in June. I really do prefer not to take medication of any sort so if my cholesterol is below normal I am inclined to stop taking it.


Have you read the website/books by Dr Malcolm Kendrick. He wrote The Cholesterol Con.

He has written 8 blogs about - What really causes heart Disease - and it ain't cholesterol.

Dr Kendrick spoke at the Thyroid UK Conference in 2014 .


Its utterly vital that





are all tested NOW

because unless their levels are halfway in their ranges your body cannot even utilise the levothyroxine


My Ferritin level is fine and they didn't test vitamin D last time but will be doing complete tests next time..


What was the fine result ? Needs to be halfway in the range.


Sorry was looking at the wrong range my Ferritin is 74, my B12 is 249 top range 531.


Your Ferritin seems quite good - but your B12 is VERY low. Needs to be above 500 to prevent neurological conditions and around 1000 to prevent cognitive decline. All confirmed in the links I posted for you above :-) I would not delay in treating.


If after 8 weeks you're symptoms aren't improving (on 25mcg?) I'd request another blood test and not wait till June. Did you get a print-out of your blood test results, with the ranges, that you can post for comments? It's best if you can be on an optimum of meds so that you don't get symptoms.

Always get the earliest appointment and don't eat before it. Leave about 24 hours between your last dose of levo and the test. Take levo afterwards.

If you've not had B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate checked ask for these as we can be deficient. Always get a print-out of results.


Yes I did get a print out and mentioned the results to the Dr and he said that these results would be reviewed in June after my next blood tests. Happy with DR's decision and his explanation and he was very receptive to my concerns..


Well that is almost 3 months away. Sorry that wouldn't do for me. As you have a print out why not post the results here - so many people who know what they are talking about here and could advise you.


Marz has made a good sugestion and if you wish you can post your results on a new question.

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