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Finally got meds =)

I finally got my first levo prescription at 50mg after the first doctor refused to diagnose even with my tsh at nearly 11. I was told though as my antibodies are 1300 that she is pretty much certain its an endo job an not a gps as its so high but she is waiting on neck scan results first. She knows I have anxiety over drs and hospitals and one of the reasons are the way ive seen family members being treated by endos. Does anybody know of any decent knowledgeable gentle endos in the midlands wolvo region etc?

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Even the stupid recommendations which are used in place of proper researched guidelines, say that you should be treated with positive antibodies and a tsh over 10.

Its not difficult, all you do is start on between 50 abd 100 of levothyroxine and after a couple of months you have a blood test. ( dont take your meds before the test, leave a day if you can),,, have the test as early as possible and dont eat, though water is ok.

If your free t4 isnt at the top of the range, with your tsh under 1, then the doctor gives you a dose increase and tests again in 6 - 8 weeks, where the whole orocess is repeated.

This is not rocket science. Whats up with your doc that she feels unable to treat this?

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the first dr wouldn't as she said a flare up of hidradenitis (autoimmune skin disorder) had caused a false reading. The new dr I hve has started meds but she again wasn't concerned about the tsh but only purely because of the really high antibodies. I have a neck scan in a few weeks which is good the new one is looking into just freaking out abit about an endo referral as I know how they roll and it usually isn't pleasant...edit I suspect its all the auto immunity going on is why she thinks its an endo case she had had previous patients with hidradenitis aswell and knows its very serious and the hashi isn't helping it.


You can ask louise warvill on here. ( admin). For the list of tried and tested endos. Some are private others nhs and see if there are any within travelling distance. Once referred you can select from anywhere. My doc tried to send me locally to get my asthma sorted, but only 60 miles away is a nationally acclaimed centre of excellence.. ( southampton). So i asked to go there and they have been brilliant.

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It may be worth exploring food sensitivities as cutting out problem foods can decrease antibodies and improve symptoms:

Gluten and dairy seem to be the worst culprits.

The Paleo autoimmune diet is anti-inflammatory and can be used like an elimination diet:

Food sensitivity testing is expensive and inaccurate, the elimination diet is the gold standard.

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