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Finally T3 prescribed by my Endo


Hey all

After battling the NHS and the ignorance of many Endos, I have finally met an amazing endo, and I picked up my prescription of T3 today.

The Endo was saddened to hear about my battle with the Endos at a london hospital, and the fact they had discharged me, because I could not take Levothyroxine. After years of Health issues and scares re heart issues, this marvellous man prescribed T3, as long as I was taking T4. I am currently taking Porcine Glandular, however I need to find a natural T4, with no T3.

Any recommendations welcome guys,.


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I have never seen any T4-only medicine other than levothyroxine.

I suspect it would be difficult (or costly!) to remove all the T3 but leave the T4 if they started with desiccated thyroid.

monica01 in reply to helvella

Thanks Helvella, Im seeing Dr Peatfield soon, so he may know.

Take care

helvellaAdministrator in reply to monica01

I wish you well.

monica01 in reply to helvella

Thank you

Monic01, Natural comes as T4+T3. T4 solus is synthetic.

monica01 in reply to Clutter

Thanks Clutter

That's great news for you. Good health.


Great news for you Monica.

May I ask where the endo is?

monica01 in reply to thyr01d

Hi Thyr

It's Dr L at Royal Orpington hospital.

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Many thanks and apologies to you and the site for not asking you to PM me, I was only wondering about the location but should have anticipated you might kindly give further info.

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