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Blood results

Hi I have hashimotos and most recent bloods are:

Tsh 3.03

T3 3.9

T4 14.7

I still have anxiety, insomnia, coldness, dry skin and feel as though I have a tight collar around my neck. I am also tired 24/7. endo said I have a goiter and doesnt want to do an ultrasound despite me advising I previously had nodules with biggest 1.4cm

I am on 75mcg levothyroxine and they just want to leave me as is and see them in sx months.

Any recommendations on how else I can ease my symptoms please

Many thanks

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Would be good to know the range the lab used in your testing, do you have difficulty swallowing through the tightness?


Thank you for taking the time to reply. I dont know what range they use as they gave me my results on a post-it after I asked for a copy.

I can swallow ok but aware of the tightness, it isn't restricting me eating/ swallowing, im just very aware of the tightness.

I also asked about supplementing with Vit D, B12 and selenium and was just told that wont help me so dont bother...


Ok then, you can get a printout for yourself free of charge for personal use its your right. If it were me given my results as I had eye issues like dry eyes. And tightness in the throat, I've resolved mine by using magnesium oil rubbed in, in the neck throat thyroid region. It's not mentioned much by specialists but magnesium is needed for thyroid hormone conversion FT4-3 the oil reversed them both in 2-3 days

You dud fight about asking about Vit D3 and B12 as they tend to be low in many people's experience with thyroid problems, you can supplement with selenium @200-400mcg a day, if you can get your copper tested too, as it's a companion nutrient to magnesium if you can't you can supplement copper @1-2mg a day

Sorry not dud fight, meant did right, back to Vit D3-25hydroxy test try to get done along with a Vit B12 test too the copper could help with the autoimmune side of things, as a report I was reading last month in their testing's they noticed that people with autoimmune issues had low copper levels, and found good results after 3months, after all it takes that time for your blood to be totally renewed/replaced so give it time ok hope that helps a little...


Going by the normal ranges we see on here, your TSH is too high and your free Ts are too low. You are still experiencing symptoms and coupled with those results a dose increase is indicated. Maybe ask your endo or GP if you can have a trial of an extra 25mcg now and a retest in 2-3 months, I think that would be a very reasonable request in the circumstances. The aim, when on thyroid meds, is to get your TSH to around 1 and your free Ts nearer the upper end of the range.


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