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Hi everybody

Been a while sence lve been on this forum,trying to lose weight for holidays in july,on going to do zumba twicw a fish,chicken,salads,eggs good in other

Would like your help for encouragement please.x

Another thing have always noticd on here in which youve all talked about supplements,never taken any sense 2002,when l was diagnosed,.....Will put up my next bloods when l have them next done.......

Bye for now x

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Sounds like you are eating the right things. If it were me I would cut out bread, potatoes, rice, oatcakes, cereals and obviously cakes, biscuits and sweets basically cut out / back on carbs and sugar - I'm T2 diabetic and since I gave up those things I have lost weight - I eat lots of carbs according to my Fitbit but these days I get my carbs from vegetables - drink water instead of fizzy drinks - even diet drinks. I never ever snack these days. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and don't do *too* much exercise.

Make sure your vit D, B12 ferritin and folates are high in their ranges, they help your thyroid.

You could look at the 5:2 diet or even the 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet - both by Michael Mosley.


Hi Sue, I have only been diagnosed recently with a low functioning thyroid so don't have much advice to offer up as I am still learning and researching.

Would steak be a good thing to add to your diet? I have recently started to eat more red meat to add to my iron levels, I do also take iron tablets at the moment. I find without it, it's even harder for me to function.

Please keep us updated on how you go with your zumba and your journey! :)


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