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Here I am with 'that' petition again. Please may I ask people to CIRCULATE it as well as signing it. An example for this, in a given week, it takes me less than five minutes to copy and paste it onto various takes one minute to put on FACEBOOK, and periodically one further minute to send it out by email.

WHY is it important: It is important as when patients complain they usually receive an institutionally foul response - when medical staff speak out for us... ie Staffordshire and other places they are also bullied... and usually lose their careers.

Our institutions and medical regulators have got used to doing exactly what they like with no comeback whatsoever! Help change that, your effort could make a real difference.

I need some helpers to help me push this hard... at regular intervals... it is easy to do, and might improve things, in fact I am sure it would improve things for both sides of the fence.

Cheers.. back with my next excessive Christmas blog and fuss soon.

Mary Fuss x

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  • Have signed it Mary, hope you are feeling better from the flu.

  • thanks, do please pass it on as widely as possible. cheers. MF x

  • Mary keep up your good work and have signed.

  • Thanks please also promote if you can Dr Pal has been at the coal face with this and understands the situation inside out, the amount of support she has given good medics and wrongly treated patients over the years is phenomenal - cheers. MF x

  • Signed and shared on Facebook :)

  • Thanks, this is great... as I see another post regarding the GMC on here..people at the DOH know about the paper attached to this petition, and they have full on arrogance, and are refusing to read it... but would read it if the petition had more clout, so thanks. Also people supposedly who are grown up. and paid a big fat wage, and working for regulators have regularly mocked and rubbished the various petitions and work - which those with integrity are trying to do. M x

  • Have signed and shared Mary, lets hope it does something :))

  • It certainly will if everybody helps, such as yourself and thanks. MF x

  • I have signed and shared too ;))

  • cheers good on you and thanks x m x

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