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Your input to blood tests lovely peeps

Spring 2015 trial of 10 mcgof T3 added to 125 Levo.

In May 2015 results were as follows

FT4 range 10-19.8. Result = 15.3

FT3 range 3.5-6.5. Result = 5.0

TSH range 0.35-5.5. Result = 0.08.

In July 2015 upped the T3 to 20 mg and got the following blood results in Sept 2015:

FT4 same ranges = 13.8

FT3 same ranges = 6.1

TSH same ranges = 0.03.

GP wanted to drop the Levo to 100 given that I have doubled the T3 and this was supported by the Endo - agreed to give it a go. Endo worried about suppressed TSH (!) and asked for a retest of bloods in Feb.

Had bloods taken last week and had the following results on 100g Levo and 20mg liro:

FT4 same ranges = 11.2

FT3 same ranges = 4.9

TSH same ranges = less than 0.03

Had already been summoned to see GP!

Any thoughts lovely peeps before I do battle. Feel fine except weight loss has plateaued.



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Hi Jayneywales

Im no expert but it seems to be your FT3 was pretty good on 125mcg levo and 20mcg lio in September. Did you feel better in September or with a reduced dose of levo? Just out of interest i have just had my dosage increased to 20mcg lio and levo reduced to 150mcg, did you notice much benefit on 10mcg lio or was it more noticeable on 20mcg? Interestingly like you have noted they (drs/endos) dont like the TSH getting too low and i had this very conversation this morning with my doctor but i believe they would accept it was in the region yours is currently in i.e. 0.03.


Ic1973. 20 liro was definitely better than 10! But must admit I haven't missed the 20 of Levo at all. Except that my weight loss has plateaued at 2.5 stone - don't know if that is related in any way.

Thanks for the feedback on the TSH level



2.5 stone weight loss! that sounds good, ive got a good 5 stone to lose and havent lost anything other than 5 years trying to figure out how to lose it! Im hopeful that the increase of lio might help matters. Dont know if its lio related or a coincidence but i dont suppose you had any pains in your kidney area when starting on lio did you? cant think that ive strained my muscles but who knows! Just a thought. Good luck on your thyroid journey.


Slimming world and liro - combinations Then when I felt better more activity. Seems to work but slow so slow! Good luck to you too

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