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I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in October 2004 and have been on varying amounts of Thyroxine. Saw an endocrinologist last November who reduced my Thyroxine from 175mcg daily to 125mcg daily and Liothyronine 20mg every other day. Within 10 days I felt absolutely dreadful and got in touch with him and he told me to go back up to 150mcg a day.

My most recent TFTs are as follows:

TSH < 0.02 (0.27-4.20)

Free T4 16.8 (9.0-26.0)

Free T3 4.4 (2.8-7.1)

My T4 & 3 are within the range but obviously my TSH now shows me to be hyperthyroid ! I do have some hyperthyroid symptoms but my weight has not budged a single once and I feel like death warmed up the majority of the time with absolutely o energy and no interest in anything. Last Saturday I went to bed at 11.45pm and work up at 2.30pm on Sunday afternoon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. My whole body feels like a lump of lead and my depression as deteriorated.

I am due to see my endocrinologist on Friday and feel so confused about what exactly is wrong with me, I even thought of Grave's disease at one point.

I feel I have no life as all I want to do is sleep.

Any comments most welcome

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I am assuming your Endo reduced your Levo as he thought you were over medicated. Yes your TSH is low - but your FT3 is not over range - in fact it is quite low in range considering you are taking T3. TSH is often suppressed/Low when taking T3 - mine is.

How are you taking your thyroid medications ? Away from foods and drinks other than water. How are your levels of VitD - B12 - Ferritin - Folate. They all need to be good to help you feel well.

Am not sure what you are expecting the Endo to do. Maybe test your thyroid anti-bodies in case you have Hashimotos. Maybe it is time to look at your diet to support your general health and well being.

Fatigue can be linked to so many things - low iron - gluten - and all the above.

Hope you feel better soon....


Your FT4 and FT3 are both low in range so it seems highly unlikely that you are hyper. If anything, I would say you are under medicated.

Have you had your iron, folate, ferritin, Vit D and Vit B12 levels measured? If not, ask your GP to do them and get the results. All should be well in range, not just bottom. Also ask for your thyroid antibodies to be measured in case you have auto-immune issues.


The endo's lost all credibility in my eyes by suggesting you take 20mcg of Liothyronine every other day...

Say what??? Liothyronine is mostly short acting. Why put you on a roller coaster regime? I'm not surprised you feel awful!

Try taking 10mcg of liothyronine every day instead. I suspect you'll need more liothyronine than that but at least it'll be more evenly spaced.

TSH is irrelevant when you take T3 so don't worry about that. But your FT3 in particular should be in the upper part of its range - much nearer 7.1.

Do you know what your ferritin, B12 and Vit D levels are like? I suspect your ferritin is low, which could be the reason why your body is unable to convert enough levo to T3.


Excellent comments above - far more sensible than the Endos. He dropped 50mcg of levo daily and instead gave you 20mcg of T3 every 2 days. Something's not right there. Both FT4 and FT3 are too low. Jazz's suggestion of 20mcg every day is much more sensible. 20mcg of T3 is equivalent approx to 60mcg of levo. Our receptor cells have to be saturated with T3, and its effect then continues for up to three days.


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