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Iodine v Thyroid meds

My GP of course has fobbed off my blood test results and said I should take iodine. He's given me blood forms to take in 6 weeks and if my levels are still on the 'low side' as he put it, then he'll consider giving me t4.

I've began a solid vitamin regime based on what I've read in Paul Robinsons book. Do you think adding in iodine will work?

Thanks in advance

Berlidders xx

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Hello Berlidders,

Iodine is controversial. It is thought too much or too little can distrupt the thyroid gland function.

Have you had your thyroid antibodies checked?

Datis Kharrazian and Chris Kresser say that Iodine is a stimulator for the thyroid peroxidase and will increase the immune attack.



I have antibodies for hashimotos so it looks like iodine isn't a great idea. My GP told me to wait 6 weeks, retest me for thyroid function and only then will consider giving me T4.

Should I wait 6 weeks or perhaps see another GP for another opinion? X


Did your GP actually test if you were iodine deficient?

Thyroxine is 65% iodine by weight anyway. :D



As you advised in a previous post your TSH is just over range and some GP's will prescribe with a TSH over 5 with symptoms.

I think the fact your GP has given you wrong information (take evidence in with you) makes it a good time to explain how ill you feel and push for a trial of Levothyroxine. State that iodine is extremely controversial in its use with Hashimoto patients and you are shocked that he has suggested it.

Say you know your thyroid gland is under attack and will eventually become atrophied and you would like thyroid hormone replacement medication now, in order that you can manage the symptoms better.

Good luck



He will probably still make you wait the six weeks and retest to ensure your hormone blood levels show consistent hypothyroidism but might then hopefully prescribe.



Thank you Flower I appreciate your reply. You're right. I'll take evidence and tell him to stick his iodine up his bum ;)

And I've never been tested for iodine either...or at least I don't think I have x

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