Hi all, got results of a synacthen test all normal as expected .what wasn't expected was the letter sent to me telling me this and the 25 other tests they had done on my blood. Turns out my testosterone is just off the range low and my androgen index is a way below scale. After some digging turns out many symptoms of this are the same as being hypo. My endo had signed me off because of suppressed tsh and an ft4 of 24, but still symptomatic, he had no answers and refused t3. My question is why is testo not tested for men as a matter of course given that there is crossover symptoms and both are pituitary driven. An easy check for the boys who are struggling surely !!!!!!!!!!

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  • I heard on the radio here in Canada that testosterone is widely prescribed in the UK. Seems not true?

    Maybe find out about it and ask the GP for a trial. Can't see how trying it out to find out if it helps would do any harm.

    Testosterone levels vary tremendously per 24 hours and mood. Apparently the guy who wins the tennis match tests high and the guy who loses tests low. It's that variable. Not saying you should take up tennis. But possibly physical activity that makes you feel good, gets the circulation going might also help raise testosterone levels. Even a good brisk walk every day might do good.


  • A second cousin went private and got testosterone patches which apparently was the final piece of the jigsaw in getting him well when T4 did not quite get there.

    Although also 70 my GP never responded when i mentioned it.

    I think it can be dangerous if you have prostrate cancer as it will speed up the cancer growth.

  • Or possibly the opposite, depending on which cancer studies you read.

  • Hi thanks for reply. Gotta work the system again, see GP have another blood test if I still read low then she can refer me to an endo,wait months to see endo hope he's in an agreeable mood. As for physical activity I work in construction so do more exercise and heavy lifting in one day than a gym junkie does in a week.LOL Not true right now I'm knackered most of the time.

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