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Adrenal problems

A little help please. I've had the saliva test and it showed my cortisol is low in the morning and afternoon but normal around 11pm. How can i fix it. I take hormonal substitute for hypo and do not working well for me. I thought to buy some supplements but don't know what kind suits better for me . After a quick search on the net I found something that contains adrenal glandular and other that contains adrenal cortex and many other things inside (B complex, vit.C, aswaganda, herbal, etc.). For example i found Thorne , Adrenal optimizer-Jorrow, Nutri, etc. The lab values are; at 8am is 7,81nmol/L (10,2-19,1), at 3pm 2,23(4,24-11,9) and 11,30pm 1,19(0,42-3,4)

Which is better, what do you think?

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I don't know much about adrenals, but the optimal levels are given on this page :

Look under the 24-Hour Cortisol Saliva heading.

Your results are not good. There only seem to be three results though. Do you have a fourth?

You might like this website :

It has lots of info on low cortisol, supplements, treatments etc.


"You might like this website :

It has lots of info on low cortisol, supplements, treatments etc."

HB - what a brilliant website, no idea how you found that but thank you so much, bookmarked it and I'm sure I will keep referring back to it :)


Glad you like it. :) I have to admit, I have no memory at all of how I found it, or what I was looking for at the time! :)


Adrenal problems are helped by all the B vitamins particularly Vitamin B5, (pantothenic acid) and Vitamin C. B5 and B3 (nicotinimade, niacin) need to be 10 times the dose of the other B Vitamins. The adrenals rely very heavily on Vitamin C, a severe stress can deplete the glands totally of it in 5 seconds flat. Take about 5,000mgs of C daily with above plu really good superfoods such as eggs veggies and red meat for several weeks, and the glands can be very much improved. Brewers yeast is excellent, a tablespoon or so daily; liver is exceptionallygood. Magnesium and calcium shoud be taken too if the above is taken for a longish period. The sooner good nutrition is taken the sooner and better the results - good luck, really hope this helps, Maje

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