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Does anyone have adrenal problems?

Hiya, I had a partial thyroid lumpectomy about 11 years ago and have been taking Nutri Thyroid on and off since then when I felt I needed to. About 3 years ago I started having more severe symptoms and was at a loss until I read Dr Peatfield's fantastic book 'Your Thyroid'. My symptoms seemed to be adrenal related so I had a private adrenal test done through Genova Diagnostics. The result was that my adrenal glands were verging on exhausted so I started taking Adreno Lyph Plus which seemed to work well. My problem is during the night when I have terrible nightmares (along with the menopausal and thyroid sweats)! and my temperature is always low along with my heart rate which drops as low as 38 during the night. I went to my doctor, waste of time, surprise surprise, and he tested my cortisol levels and full bloods. Cortisol levels were normal, but I guess it was because I had a blood test in the morning and I believe you need to be tested 4 times during the day because your levels change so much in that time. My cholestoral was high and I've just found out that it can be another symptom of thyroid problems. I would love to hear from anyone who has had adrenal problems and their symptoms and I would also urge anyone who feels that their medication isn't working, to have their cortisol levels checked. I know how difficult it is to get a GP to listen, and even when I showed him my Genova results he mocked them.

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High cholesterol can certainly be a symptom of low thyroid levels. Do you know what the results of your most recent thyroid blood test are?

I'm not too knowledgable about adrenal problems, but maybe someone else could jump in here with their experience?


Hi, the only result I got was my TSH level which was 5 but I'm going for more blood tests in 3 weeks, probably to check my cholesterol levels.


Hi, You say your TSH is 5, which may well be borderline meaning that a trial of thyroid treatment may be appropriate. Without an FT4 and FT3 test, you can't be sure that you are not hypothyroid. It may well be that some thyroid treatment will alleviate your other symptoms. Vitamin C is also good for the adrenals.

Might also be an idea to check your B12 and D3 levels.


Thanks Lyn, the women in our family have a history of thyroid and pernicious anaemia problems so when my feet started going numb I took vitamin B12 which really helped. My sister is having similar problems with thyroid and aching legs so she had a B12 test that came back normal so I doubt if a test would help - my doctor would think I'm even more paranoid because all my tests come back 'normal' but I still insist there's a problem!


send me an email and ask for Getting a Diagnosis leaflet -


Hi Lynn

i have left a reply for Trixie, a high dose of vit C has helped my adrenal insufficiency greatly along with B vits, BUT are you all aware of the EU directive due to come in April 2011(next April) restricting many natural meds and vitamins. We need to protect our right in this country to have access to the supplements that we know make us better. Please look at

If we dont have a campaign to prevent this banning it will take effect very quickly, so please do it now. Wishing good health to all- Paula


Hi Paula

Your link doesn't seem to be working....!?




Hi Isanggel, No the link doesn't seem to work but if you type into your search engine it works OK, please have a go, lots of interesting ..P


Hi Trixie

i have had thyroid probs for a few years and adrenal problems for just over a year. Came on quite suddenly, I also take Nutri Adrenal Concentrate which has helped enormously. I take vitamins supplements, particularly B complex and vit c. I found James L Wilson book Adrenal Fatigue (from Amazon) very helpful. I seem to tell everyone about Brian mcDonogh at www.eagleclinic,com, but he has turned my life around, and is so experienced and knowledgeable about all the issues surrounding thyroid, adrenals, ME etc. I rest BEFORE i am tired and take care of myself before I worry about others, sounds hard, but I think we need to do this sometimes. Please let me know how you get on. Paula.


Hi you take thyroid meds along with Nutri Adrenal Concentrate....or have have you reduced thyroid meds since taking

Nutri Adrenal.....ALSO have you noticed increased energy taking

Nutri Adrenal.....thanks


Hi Brittonia

No I didnt reduce thyroid meds, I was only taking 1 grain Armour anyway, which equated to 35mg of thyroxine I think. I am not taking Nuti Adrenal at moment, I began to feel really bad, especially at night. I reduced the Nutri Adrenal to half dose, then stopped completely and felt better.I still take VicC Vit B complex with my evening meal. The condition doesn't always last forever, and i think other measures I was taking began to have an effect. This doesn't mean I won't need to take again in future. I think it is really important to learn to listen to your own body. I did experience extra energy level but I have found it is important to rest regularly even if you don't feel tired. If you wait 'til your tired it's too late! I also use Adkins shake drink as a convenient protien fix, they do bars too. I am still taking 1 grain of Armour thyroid on waking. Hope all this is of some help, regards, PaulaB


hello paula

dr p diagnosed me with hypo & adrenal fatigue - I have learnt twice now, that if one does get an energy boost, then don't do what i did & try do all the out standing stuff I needed to do - I was absolutely exhausted (& in pain)the next day & for the next few days - yes, even though one feels a surge of energy beware...

I am taking adrenal extra - what side effects did you have? Also how do you find armour as I would really like to try it & where do you get it please?

thankyou & regards


Hello sharman

Yes we adrenal types dont learn to rest very quickly, we seem to need to beat ourselves up first! I am very strict with myself over rest. i am still not taking any adrenal supplentation. I take vitC with evening meal and a bedtime drinks containing milk, Good sleep is important. I originally got my scripts from a private Doc, but guess what- he got struck off! I now have another source from a sympathetic Doc, but i am afraid to publish here incase of reprisals, how sad it that? Armour is no longer available in this country, the new version available here of NDT (natural desicated thyroid) is Erfa it is manufactured in Belgium and exported to Canada and then to UK. If you manage to get a script, Springfield Pharmacy in Richmond, Surry can supply. the script must have 'for hypothyroidism only' written on it. But I dont know for how long. Your GP may give a private script. The GMC seems determined to stop Docs prescribing and to ensure that all those taking it successfully return to feeling s--- The protien drinks are great for me.

I sincerely hope you feel better soon, regards PaulaB


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