Almus v activas

Has anyone else noticed any difference?

I had. TT four years ago and have been on 100 thyroxine not ideal but I get along

I usually have Almus brand and have been ok .three times I have been given activas and have noticed after a week I feel awful very tired

and aching all over .

I queried this with the pharmacist he said there was absolutely no difference as they are manufactured by the same company.

Has anyone else has same problem



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  • There have been posts before about problems with Actavis. Have a look through the posts that come up via the search box

  • Actavis is their brand name used by Boots for Almus Levothyroxine.

    When I last looked, the patient information leaflet in Actavis boxes was branded Almus.

  • If I am reading you right - it is the exact reverse. :-)

    Some Actavis levothyroxine is packaged up for Boots under the name Almus. (Almus is a brand name owned by Boots under which a number of products from various manufacturers are packaged.)

    The Patient Information Leaflet inside will have the number of a product licence - like PL 9999/999. Check the number on both the Actavis and the Almus products. I think that both will be the same at the same dosage.

    The PILs for Actavis can be found on these links:

  • You are correct.

    I was relying on my memory, as I was not at home to check.

    Just to confuse me, the most recent 50mcg Levothyroxine that I received from Boots was branded Actavis.

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