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Borderline hypo or not

Hiya everyone I did say I would post my blood test results, I thought I was having a full hormone work up only to find my results only entailed tsh and fsh my results were 18.8 for fsh and 3.7 for tsh, the question I am asking is, is 18.8 fsh high or normal and the same for my tsh of 3.7 does that mean I might have a thyroid problem. Any help please. From very confused.

The reference ranges are (0.2 - 4.2).

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Please post the ref ranges, otherwise we cannot see where in the range you are. TSH is a poor indicator of thyroid health anyway.

It's worth getting t3 tested, that way you know for sure.NHS will not test it but you can get your own test through one of the providers


A TSH of 3.7 means your thyroid is struggling. The average for healthy people is between 1 and 1.5 I believe. However you won't get treated on the NHS until your TSH is over range for 2 tests 3 months apart.

How do you feel?

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