Heat issue with Hypothyroidism

Usually feeling too hot goes with Hyperthyroidism but I have the Hypo. I am on 25 mcg of Levothyroxine. When walking my dog for only about 10 minutes in mild temps or mildly exerting myself, I will get hot. In the summer, it is very embarrassing as I will be dripping when others are fine. From the blogs, I think others have this issue also. Has anyone found a solution?

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  • Yep, for me it turned out to be high blood sugar levels, though the docs used to try to pin it on over medication of thyroid. I started monitoring my blood sugar about a year ago and quickly found that i felt too hot when the levels rose over 10.

    I have now cut out carbohdrates like, pastry, pasta, rice and potatoes and have been cool enough to wear a jumper this year! I really have suffered with being too hot for years abd no one ever thought to test my blood sugar levels. I can mow visit other peoples houses and go out socially without panicking about how hot its going to be....

    Xx g

  • Thanks, maybe I will try that. I just made an appt. with Endo but she can't see me for 3 weeks.

  • Lots of hypos suffer with heat intolerence. I have both heat and cold intolerence! The difference between hypo and hyper is not as clear-cut as many people believe. A lot of the symptoms over-lap.

  • I think I may have both also but the heat intolerance is the most aggravating because I want to do things outside and can't, or even inside when I get hot with minimal exertion.

    Have you found any solution?

  • Nope. Sorry. It's not as bad as it was before I was diagnosed, but it's still a problem.

  • So Sorry You are having to put up with this horrible discomfort. Don't know if this may help or not but here goes.

    The Thyroid Gland is a major player in your Endocrine system, it relies on the other endocrine glands and they in turn depend on it. It also controls your metabolism, heat and cold and the speed that all your organs work. The thyroid supplies hormones that run in every cell in your body including your brain.

    When your body is functioning well it is like a well tuned sports car, when you need extra heat many hormone taps turns on to speed up your metabolism until your are just the right temperature, and when you are hot it turns off the taps and slows everything down. A well functioning Thyroid is synchronised to work in perfect harmony with your body. When you are thyroid is hyper everything is far too fast and it cannot turn of the taps. When your thyroid is hypo everything is far to slow and it cannot turn on the taps.

    If you are hyperthyroid they try to slow the function down with drugs to knock it out of function or drugs to lessen the stress put on your entire system. If you are hypothyroid they give you Thyroxine etc. too replace the missing hormone(s).

    The replacement hormone does not switch off and on when needed like your thyroid should, it is not synchronised to your needs. You take your pill or pills once a day it saturates your system and keeps your engine running but is very badly tuned.

    My feet and hands can be freezing, my blood pressure is still low, my heart beats at a rate an athlete would be proud of. I carry a mini fan in the middle of the winter to cool my hot sweats, with a fan above my bed for my night sweats. I pile on loads of clothes in the winter to keep me warm and keep the house temperature down so that when my temperature goes too high I can take the excess clothes off to cool down fast and then put them all back on to warm back up again.

    Does this sound normal to you, NO, because it isn't is it.

    I take 125mg of Levothyroxine, am I taking too much when I'm too hot and too little when I'm too cold. No. Thyroxine cannot replace a proper well functioning thyroid and never will be able to, not in my case anyway. I wish Endocrinologists and Doctors were able to understand the discomfort we feel and put themselves in our shoes for just a short period of time, a little acknowledgement that it is not a cure all and they don't sometimes know might be nice.

    Another avenue is the thyroid affects the functioning of your adrenal glands which can and do produce stress hormones and hormones such as oestrogen, and your ovaries and oestrogen, amongst many other things and this could be implicated in very unpleasant hot sweats.

  • Thank you. No, this isn't normal, and I am tired of dealing with my GP with no results, so I am going to Endo in 3 weeks. I feel like it must be some type of hormone imbalance. I did not mention before but I am 71 so this shouldn't be menopause. I am tired of wasting the summers because I can't go out.

  • When the thyroid is not working as it should, the body is with out a doubt out of balance. I saw the Endocrinologist years ago and felt it was a waste of my time, so I hope you do better than me.

    How is your blood Pressure, if it is high it will raise your temperature with exercise?

    Should imagine you have had a heart check?

    Endo will check you for Diabetes?

    Also are you taking a multi vitamin and mineral tablet? (Helps your body produce hormones).

  • I do have high blood pressure and have had my heart checked. I am on lots of vitamins and just started addition B vitamins as I read that might help.

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