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I give up... They've won and utterly ruined my family in the process.

After they refused to treat an obvious infection (and gp struck me off) and deliberately refused to diagnose a clearly broken rib (I paid for a 2nd opinion) after coughing up blood, I am now told I have atelectasis and lung scarring which wasn't there BEFORE the broken rib. Gp tells me it's 'age' and sat smiling at me when I told him what damage this surgery had done to my family and the pain and suffering caused. They keep refusing to diagnose things until permanent damage is done and enough time has passed so they think the symptoms can be attributed to something else. They're doing the same thing with both my daughters.

They're disgusting and I utterly detest drs now. Going to a different gp is pointless. When my daughter did that my gp rang them and since then - the same

'treatment '

The public seriously have no idea what theyre capable of and how they know they're 'untouchable ' because of course drs are ' here to help '.!!

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I know exactly wot ur talking about had an incident with my pharmacist yesterday they r supposed to b professionals ha ha and is merely moaning patients they haven't got time for have u tryed speaking to the manager of the gp's or putting a complaint in? Try not to let them get u dwn (hard I know) soz can't b more help


Absolutely no point. The practice manager is an administrator paid for by the GPs partners.

Also if you have an eye problem see an optician first, if you have a mouth problem see a dentist first - both have the right tools to examine you and if you live in a place with the appropriate hospitals both can refer you without going to the GP.


I hear you and you're not on your own. I think the good old fashioned caring doctor is on the way out, they're dying off or retiring and the younger ones coming along and taking their place don't have the same commitment.

They no longer know their patients, treat each symptom in isolation rather than looking at the whole picture, refuse referrals to save the practice money, won't prescribe a 'branded' medication when cheaper versions cause side effects. You can't complain for fear of being told to leave the surgery and find another GP.

I am so sorry to hear of how you have been treated but fear it is not that uncommon.


Would you consider a "no win, no fee" solicitior that specialises in medical cases?

Judginh by the amounts of these types of firms advertising, there's clearly a huge pool of "customers" out there. :0(

Many hugs to you. xxx

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Please be careful of these so called no win no fee deals - i do not recommend it. The ads are very misleading. To be successful you need another doctor to say your doc was negligent. I tried to bring a case and my solicitor went up and down the country, approached 8 expert witnesses and NOT ONE would stand up in court and do it. They close ranks and that is it. My solicitor had to drop the case and this predator is still out there doing the same to other people.


We need people that specialise in "wet work" ... I'm half joking...

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Hi roubyroo i sympathise with you and completely agree most are just legalized drug pushers they really font care. 3 years ago i went to 4 at my practice and said i had whooping cough..they hate it if u self laughed at me, one said " i think i know more than you, when i requested tests one said " this isnt tesco u cant pick and choose tests i actually had to tell them what tests were needed eventuall i got the tests even tho they said it was a waste as i didnt have whooping cough (pertussis) i then got a call from the health protection agency to inform me i had whooping cough , i wonder hiw many vulnerable people i infected in that time...disgusting. anyway i hope u get sorted.

Mary x


I totally agree - and there is nowhere you can complain. The Ombudsman service is an absolute farce. You just cannot fight the system. I too detest the medical profession with an absolute passion..

I always record consultations and the last 4 recordings evidence lying and corruption. That's 100%

Yet I can do nothing with the info as my nhs gp has also tried to strike me off. I switched 3 x and each was worse than the last so I ended up coming back to these criminals.

The latest game they play is that when I write to them to send them NHS documentation from NHS consultants and ask them to confirm back in writing they have reviewed it and put it on file - they dont answer until i chase 2 or 3 times and then they lie about why they have not responded. This is a new game to watch out for - by refusing the accept the info they can deny knowledge and not treat you. They claim repeatedly NOT to receive any info direct from hospital consults.

They are the biggest band of criminals out there.

The only small comfort you can take is that you can post negative reviews on google. At least they can't control those the way they censor negative reviews on the nhs website.


I've just been talking to a nearby neighbour who goes to the same surgery as me. I knew she had lost the sight in her one eye a few years ago, today she told me how it happened.

She went to the doctors because she was having episodes of kaleidoscope type lights in her eye. She was due to go on holiday two weeks hence so she checked with the GP who said "Nothing to worry about". She went back a second time because it kept happening and she was worried because her holiday abroad was so close. The GP who had a special interest in eyes couldn't see her as he was too busy so she saw one of the others. He rang the hospital while she was there and described what was happening. They diagnosed a migraine (not sure how considering they didn't see her or speak to her!). So GP said she was OK to fly, go and enjoy your holiday.

She flew out a couple of days later and promptly had a stroke as she disembarked the plane. They couldn't save the sight in her eye.

She said to me today that perhaps she ought to sue. I told her that it would probably be dragged out so long in the hope that she would die before anything could come of it.

And to top it all off they've darn near killed her recently by prescribing big doses of steroids for something they misdiagnosed (again!), while she was already on steroids for something else.

Shameful, utterly shameful.


And you can be absolutely sure there will be no justice and no accountability. She should go to the media, she will get more justice that way


Thanks for your replies.. The complaints system IS a farce.. Yes, your right about solicitors, and drs not speaking out against another.

The system is corrupt and drs cause a massive snowball effect to cover up their misdiagnosis which progresses to wilful neglect.

I've just listened to a radio show broadcast on the Internet. Google

Freedom talk radio and listen or read the carol woods story. She was a social worker and a whistle-blower in Lancashire who exposed massive issues. Suddenly she was whisked away and sectioned illegally and drugged up . Despite the CQC telling the mh unit they were acting illegally, instead of releasing her they moved her to another unit.

When I told the clinical director at the hospital my daughter was in (for endocrine issues) that we had proof of wilful neglect, my daughter was given medication, collapsed and was sectioned. Like carol woods, the unit tried to stop any contact between us and monitored phone calls (her sim and battery were taken out of her phone) I was banned from the ward after calling the police, who refused to come as my daughter was held illegally and thyroxine for congenital hypothyroidism stopped for the entirety of her stay causing physical and mental harm.

The police become complicit in their actions.

Its not worth it.


I should add that freedom talk radio is about exposing injustice of any kind.

I'm sure if someone from this forum had all the facts available re the thousands of women suffering with the current system of under treating thyroid issues etc he could be interested in this issue.

Please pass on his Internet radio show so others who are interested in the stories of injustice can access this . I came across it completely by chance


You're right, the complaints system is a farce - mine has been with the Health Service Ombudsman for nearly 2 years. Clearly there's a shortage of creative writers to employ.

I would also add that the regulators do not actually regulate, in my experience. So you can be sure that the GMC are not interested in patients complaints and the regulator of the regulators (hope that makes sense!) is not interested in complaints about the GMC either.

Nothing surprises me any more about the NHS and I'm sorry to read your posts. I did find the CQC to be most interested in my complaints about a number of GPs but isn't it funny how it seems to be GPs who are so anti the CQC and their inspections.

We all need to draw the public's attention to our bad experiences.


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