See Notice on right-hand side from Thyroiduk

I have just noticed the suggestion from on the right-hand side asking if we could all contribute £1 which would enable them to buy the computer system so badly needed so that we can move forward even more to getting some changes to the guidelines.

It's a slow process but just recently the BTA have updated their guidelines to include T3 where necessary. Whether that will filter down to the GPs is another matter.

Onwards and Upwards. :)

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  • I hope this is the page:

  • Shaws, the link takes me to the TUK community page. I can't find the link asking for contributions on the r/h page.

  • I don't know why it disappears. Maybe tomorrow Louise can suggest. Try clicking back to the beginning of posts for Thyroiduk

  • Shaws, I didn't scroll down far enough. It's below Pinned Posts and above Events on the r/h side

  • Was just about to ask if you have any form of ad-blocking or similar. The very fact that it links to a completely different website might have triggered some sort of blocking action.

  • Helvella, just me not looking properly. Found it and donated now.

  • We mainly look at headings of posts etc. not usually look to the right-hand column.

  • Clutter, I followed your link and got to the point of paying, where it says to click toward the bottom of a pop up if I want to 'buy as guest', but no such option appeared. I don't want to use PayPal. Wonder what's going on?

  • Someone will respond when they see your question.

  • Hi - unfortunately you can only give via PayPal through that link.

    If you would still like to give to the campaign, we will happily accept a cheque or BACS. Thank you!

    Thyroid UK



    Ref: CompDon



  • Another suggestion-join Just Giving. I joined around Christmas time and was surprised how many places are in the scheme but with a percentage going to a charity of your choice, mine being Thyroid UK, it soon mounts up!

  • I have just made a £10 donation which is no where near the amount I WANT to give but unfortunately I am currently on benefits so money is very very tight. My parents are helping me with a few things including vet bills for two elderly poorly pets I have at the moment. I can't thank everyone enough who have regularly advised and supported me through the last 5 months of absolute hell (and still going through it).

    Don't understand why people hide their donations though, nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about if you can't afford much; everyone has problems with finances at some time in their lives

  • Thank you! :D


  • you are very welcome

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