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Short syntacthen test preparations

Premature menopause caused by autoimmune illness + low blood pressure, dizziness, fatigue and an increase in my already insane salt intake = GP sending me off for a short syntacthen test.

Is there anything I need to do / stop doing before taking it?

(The splendid resource says "Women whose ovarian insufficiency is caused by an autoimmune disorder should have their adrenal and thyroid function evaluated. If the adrenal glands are affected, it can cause a very serious and potentially life-threatening condition called primary adrenal insufficiency (Addison's disease)"


"Young women with spontaneous POI are at increased risk for developing autoimmune adrenal insufficiency, a potentially fatal disorder [41]. Generally, the development of disordered menses associated with POI precedes the development of symptomatic adrenal insufficiency by several years [42]. If proper screening is performed, approximately 3 percent of women with spontaneous POI will be found to have asymptomatic autoimmune adrenal insufficiency [43]."

This was good enough for my GP.)

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A really good post hose. Do wish doctors would pay more attention to adrenal problems.


Read page 48 in this document for info on the short synacthen test :

There is a new version of the short synacthen test that I read about on here very recently, and it is called the "low dose short synacthen test". It is conducted in a very different way to the traditional short synacthen test but isn't mentioned in my first link. You need to know which version of the test will be used for you.

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Great links hb,

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Nooo! Off HRT for six weeks beforehand? Bummer.

(Thanks for the links, though. At least I can prepare myself for the daily drenching again!)


Sorry it was unpleasant news. :(


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