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Easy Money Corrupts Everywhere

Thanks to Lorraine for posting this link. The problem is worldwide I'm afraid. PR

"Ministers launch urgent inquiry into NHS officials' second jobs at drugs firms"

"Government announces "urgent investigation" as Telegraph reveals how scores of officials involved in assessing which drugs are given to patients are also acting as paid consultants to pharmaceutical companies "

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This is incredible! How can so many people have caught up in such a blatant conflict of interest - whatever the finanical motivation? Let's hope this inquiry has real teeth!


PR, one wonders why the "urgent inquiry" wasn't launched a year ago when the Telegraph originally disclosed this and criminal fraud investigation into several 'payers' was made following it.


..too many BIG boys with their snouts in the trough :-) It's a very big trough !


Fascinating. GSK got a big fine for fraud in China and has just been fined £38m for paying generic producers to hold back their cheaper meds. GSK is to appeal.


Unfortunately, UK has always been one of the most corrupt nations on earth.

We're constantly bombarded with propaganda accusing other countries of corruption, while it happens under our nose.

I will be surprised if any of this lot even go to prison.


We have a society of ; A back-handed culture with jobs for the boy's ; even if a job has to be created just to accommodate them. Greed and the desire for wealth tempts many.

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