Butterflies everywhere!

Butterflies everywhere!

Thyroid Awareness Week 18-24 October, thyroid fact; 'Thyroid disease runs in families' so here's a photo of the youngest member of my family; Kitty (age 2) wearing my thyroid awareness temporary tattoo. I'm so grateful I have recovered from this horrible condition and am well enough now to look after my grandchildren Today, walking in the sunshine with Kitty, collecting daisies from the field, making an art book and drawing... yes, I'm posting this everywhere ;)

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  • brilliant lizsahara , I hope both you and the little one had a super duper day , and yes even for those of us --- me included-- that don't suffer from this disease [ my lady does ] we can & should realise the effects that this can have --- health as well as mind --- so the more we can promote the helpfulness of this site the better ...... just remember to look after the little one .......alan xxx

  • Thank you Alan! You're so right... awareness is so important and would have saved me two years of misery. For others the road to wellness is so much longer, so the more awareness the better. I have so much to be grateful for - including the internet and the ThyroidUK team! xxx

  • but for the help,advice and empathy from ALL the good people of this site my lady would have still been in HELL which would have effected not only her but me and our nsllo .....god only knows where we would be now but for them ----- I will be forever in their debt .....and I have a memory like a pink elephant [ an elephant never forgets -- a pink elephant NEVER forgets ANYTHING ]...... total respect .....alan xx

  • A lovely picture and I am so glad you are well to enjoy life again.

  • Thank you :)

  • So lovely to hear Liza that you are able to enjoy drawing with your little granddaughter ......may you make many happy pictures together and create priceless memories.

  • Thank you Marfit... I have both grandsons staying at the weekend. We will be digging the garden! :)

  • Just enjoy every moment with them.

    You brought back a lovely memory for me seeing your daisies...My little granddaughter used to love painting when she came to stay.

    One day,visiting her,we had all gone to a country park.

    Whilst playing on a large log she fell off and hurt herself and was crying all the time.It was a long way back to the car park so thinking quickly I asked her if she knew what primary colours were? .....No,she sobbed ......Well,they are red yellow and blue and you mix them to make other colours I said.

    Shall we look in the grass as we walk to see if we can find any red,yellow or blue flowers? Very soon she was running, looking for flowers, totally distracted from her hurt knee.

    She is now sixteen yrs.old and studying for GCSEs,but the memories will never fade...........So have fun x

  • The distraction technique! Always worth trying ;)

    You're right about creating memories - collecting daisies is something I used to do with my grandmother when I was Kitty's age... it reminded me of her and I felt so grateful and blessed to have those memories.

    Hugs xx

  • Unfortunately my nan didn't appreciate my love of flowers! ...When I picked her a posy of white convolvulus from the riverside as a little girl,she told me ......get them out of here....they're weeds which I'm continually trying to keep out of my garden!!

    When I see them in the wild now I just smile ....I still think they're pretty.

    However,she did teach me embroidery and we made a set of chair backs for my mum.I embroidered the flowers and she crocheted the edging......so not all bad memories.

    Hugs to you too Liza XX

  • Lovely picture, Liz.

  • thank you :)

  • Aw - the dimples!

    Being aware whilst babysitting is quite scary.... (I know this)

    Walking in sunshine... yeh, I'd love to join you both if I may ((hugs)) J :D

  • Thank you Sparerib :) Happy to say I don't feel scared any longer because I'm well again. Yes join us anytime ;)

  • Brilliant! THANK YOU so much for supporting our TAW initiative! :)

    SO glad that you are feeling SO much better! :)

    I have pinned this!



  • Thank you Louise - I thought the TAW initiative was a brilliant idea & knew Kitty would love the butterfly! Appropriate as thyroid issues most definitely run in my family - yet still I was unaware... knowledge has increased thatnks to the work you all do at ThyroidUK, and with knowledge has come increased wellness... so much that as well as being able to care for my grandchildren I have started a new career - using my art skills to create tattoo eyebrows and eyeliner for people who have lost brows and lashes. I finished intensive training in the summer and have just started my first treatments... I love it! xxx

  • That sounds great! :) x

  • And none of this would have been possible without the education & support of ThyroidUK :)

  • Fabulous picture. So important people realise one pill does not fit all when it comes to the thyroid.

  • Thank you DaizeeFoo! :)

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