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I've decided I'm fed up with waiting for the gp to do something meaningful and I want to self medicate.

My B12, at the last blood test in November, was 284 (190-900) but the gp didn't offer me anything. I asked for B12 and he's given me 50mcg (yes - mcg) tablets which, as someone on here said, would be no good in my lifetime!

However, I thought I'd go along with it and wait 2 months (he said 3) to have another blood test when, hopefully, he would give more beneficial treatment. I've decided I can't wait another month and after one month I feel no different at all on these tablets.

My question is this, if I get some of the Jarrow (is that right?) methylcobalamin, maybe 5000 to start with, how long should I go without them before the blood test the gp wants me to have? How long does it stay in your system?

Thanks everyone - don't know what I'd do without you all :)

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  • Once on B12 supplements any testing is worthless. The results will be skewed as it can remain in the system for months. This was explained to me by Martyn Hooper - Chairman of the PAS - whilst discussing my grandson. Anyway it's not what is in the blood that is important - it's the amount that reaches the cells where it is needed. The Active B12 test can do that reading - a private test done through St Thomas's hospital I believe. You do not have to cease taking B12 with the Active Test.

    You could just assume you are deficient and always take a supplement..... better to be safe than sorry.

    I would take the 5000mcg Jarrow Methycobalamin. Also take a good B Complex to keep all the B's in balance. I take Thorne Research.

  • Would the supplement not skew the active test as well? I don't know how that works :(

    Also, is the Jarrow one sublingual as I hear that's better?

  • No it does not skew the Active Test. If you would like confirmation then contact the hospital lab yourself for reassurance :-)

    Yes Jarrow is the sublingual one.....

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