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B12 deficiency

Hello I'm 23, and have had blood tests done confirming that I am B12 deficient, I'm just waiting on the follow up blood tests to come back to confirm it. But at the moment I feel awful, I can't concentrate , heads light constantly, proper tired all the time and its really affecting daily life. The problem is I start a new job in 2 days and until my confirming blood tests come back and I'm able to start treatment with the doctor , would anybody recommend any home remedies, just anything to help in the meantime , because I can't afford to begin my new job in this condition :(

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Darren115, nothing is likely to make an appreciable difference in days, it is likely to take weeks for improvement whether you have injections or supplement high doses.

Has the cause of your B12 deficiency been determined ie are you vegetarian or vegan or do you have pernicious anaemia?


Hi Darren,

For a short term fix, try taking siberian ginseng. It used to help me through bad times at work, & I take it if I have something which requires more energy than I usually have.

Acupuncture might also give you a boost, though it might knock you out for the rest of the day, before you start to feel better.

Smoked salmon is high in B12. Maybe do an internet search for B12 foods & find something you like. I eat kefir every day, which gives me about 3 times the RDA, & take a supplement some days.

However, if you have pernicious anaemia, it's an issue of absorption rather than intake, which can only be addressed medically. Your GP will suggest something for that.



Start a liquid sublingual b12 supplement asap. 1000mcg dosing twice daily. Should be available at drug store otc. It may make a difference quickly. Foods won't help as you probably aren't absorbing properly due to low stomach acid/intrinsic factor deficit. Much lower than the 300 and you can have heart palps and syncope. Are you having numb or tingly feet/hands? I did, my b12 was 220. Shots are in your future if oral supps don't help.

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My B12 was right at the bottom of the range. I felt half dead. On advice from the forum I took 5000mcg sublingual methylcobalamin, with a B complex for two months, and within two weeks felt a lot better. Now on 1000mcg. Have they checked your D3? Most people are deficient. I have 800mcg liquid capsules prescribed, but they are cheap to buy. D3 seems rarely to be tested. I was lucky - I got two tests, courtesy of my gastroenterologist.


Yes, my d level is low as well. I have gotten it higher through supplements. B12 is no joke. I ended up in the hospital with cardiac symptoms back in 2012. Had shots after that. I let myself get rundown before that. Working too much, as an RN, LOL... Taking care of everyone except myself. Now I am retired at 42.


Try Boost B12 spray which can be bought in Holland and Barrett


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