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In search for a London based Naturopath for Hashimoto's, my new friend

Hi everyone! What a great community! I'm a new member, diagnosed about 6 months ago with Hashimoto's disease. I'm not on any Thyroid medication as I still have an ok functioning (albeit stressed) Thyroid. I'm on AIP, though struggling with my sugar addiction! I've started taking NAC (1800mg), selenium (200mg 3 x weekly) and vit D and C daily. I know there are a few more important tests I need to get done, cortisol, hormones and cross infections (EBV is common in Hashi I hear) but I'd love to find a naturopath/functional medicine practioner who is clued up with Hashi to help me. I've come across great practioners in America but struggling in London.

I've struggled for years with severe fatigue and like many of you feel very let down by the numerous GPs I've seen who hVe failed to diagnose me. So much so, that I'm studying to become a Naturopath and plan to use my background in Immunology to specialize ion autoimmune conditions. I hope to be the person I wish I'd met 3 years ago ;). Even more reason to kill this fatigue!



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Fantastic! Love hearing this. I believe in holistic healing. Body is an amazing machine. Good luck , and looking forward to your aid!

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