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Any good endo in Ipswich Hospital?

Hello, my problems with hashimoto's continuing , my usual endo from Ipswich Hospital sent me appointment for April, out of the blue. Trouble is I do not trust him anymore as he denied 3 times that my problems are related to t4 only. If any members have experience with endo's from Ips Hospital can you pm me please as not sure if even should bother to go there anymore. Thank you.

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They don't believe that some of us feel worse on levo than before diagnosis. The assumption is that it is 'perfect' for everyone who is hypo. Not the case as I was worse on it than before I was diagnosed.



I've never seen an Endo at Ipswich as no longer in area but sisters have and both found them not very good at all. There used to only be two consultants there, the older one is the worst. I know neither would prescribe T3, one sister got T3 only because she was already taking it privately so continued with it although they didn't agree with it. I can't remember there names so not much help, but might be worth looking further afield.

When I was in Ipswich my GP asked the endo if I could trial T3 and it was an absolute no as TSH suppressed. He actually said they should drop my T4.


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