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Hello, Can anyone tell me if from moving from NDT to T3 only have they wound up on a Lower dose when taking T3 only compared to the dose of Ndt they were on. After 6 weeks of t3 only I got to 50 thinking I'll probably wind up on at least 55 t3 but have moved back down to 40 and feel comfy and well. But I know it could change , early days.I was on 21/2 previous of Ndt.


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  • I'm thinking of going t3 only. May I ask what made you decide?

  • I did well on ndt for 7 years, changed my life from levothyroxine, however for many reasons that interfere with the thyroid replacement causing various lingering hypo symptoms despite adjusting dose, I wanted to experiment if I could eliminate every symptom of hypo with direct t3. So apart from going hyper recently which was a good sign as it guided me and I reduced dose and allowed me to find my spot. I feel Bl**dy Great.

  • Thank you for your reply. Very encouraging! I'm kind of the same. Been self medicating on NDT for a year since coming to this site and considering going t3 only. Did you follow any protocol?

  • That's the very best way when we take any thyroid hormone replacements, by how 'we feel' and 'listening' to our body.

    With NDT because it has all the hormones and we may need a slightly higher dose, whereas T3 which is the full active thyroid hormone which is needed in all of our receptor cells we may need slightly less, 40mcg is around 120 to 140 mcg levo.

    I am glad you are doing well.

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